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Letter to the Editor


It was my understanding that the town council had decided not to replace the blue spruce in the park, I presented this prepared speech to them at the meeting March 20, 2017.

After such a terrible, terrifying storm our town looks better every day. The majority of homes have been repaired, painted and resided. Some have been even enhanced.

Our majestic wonderful trees cannot be repaired or resided. It’s very heart wrenching to go by the park and see the bareness. I think of the pioneers, our forefathers who brought the trees here so many, many years ago and how they must have struggled to get the trees to grow.

We owe it to them and the community to not let the terrible storm take that heritage away from us. The “Pine” Bluffs city park should have pine trees. Yes, they blew down, but it was the catastrophic hail and wind. They may have lasted many more years.

Let’s not let this storm take the pride that this community has in this town away from us. The trees were our heritage, let’s not take that away from our future generations.

If we plant just 15 to 20 young blue spruce trees, I’m pretty such there is not anyone in this room who will live to see them uprooted, barring another catastrophic storm. I certainly do not want to see another.

I’m asking you to reconsider your decision for the beauty of our community and the “Pine Bluffs” city park. And for something green in the winter.

Just my thoughts.

Thank you,

Roberta Foster

Pine Bluffs, Wyo.


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