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The end of school brings field days and class trips. If you are curious about how the future generation’s minds work, take the time to watch elementary races. Some runners hit it hard, never look back. Some get out in front and turn to check on who is behind them and how close. Some just run the race without a bead of sweat or worry crossing their brow. But the most curious is the one that comes in last. The norm is for the last guy to really kick it in to give all effort. But the elementary meet today revealed another character that we often forget exists, above all competitions. The trait of compassion and sportsmanship. One little guy was second to last, running, it seemed, as hard as his legs could go. Then, he turned, saw his struggling peer behind him and slowed down so he would not be last. At any age, we can read people, profile, if you will. In that split second, that little man saw something in his running mate that made him accept last place. Take one for the greater good. Him getting last was less a consequence than the other guy finishing with no one behind him. Or maybe he just got tired of running. Not every good is celebrated with parades and news reports. And the quiet goods, such as slowing down to let others pass you, may be just what we need to spread more joy.

Life often feels like a race, and us older folks would love to slow it down a bit. Birthdays, hopefully slow things down enough to celebrate the last year. Mason Rabou may not slow down but we hope he has a great birthday party May 24. Our legendary Albin Day Parade announcer, Don Jacobsen, celebrates another lap around the sun May 25. Naomi Childers turns another year older May 28. Ann Vossler’s birthday is May 29. Our wonderful lady who drives the bookmobile out to Albin, Susan Parkins, birthday is May 30. Heidi Romsa and Connie Holgerson’s birthday is May 31. If you celebrated or will celebrate, take time out of your race and let us know so others can celebrate with you.

The Cleaning Position at the community center is still available. Stop by the town hall for more information or to pick up an application.

Baseball registration is out. If you need a form or would like to help out, stop by town hall. The more the merrier.

The community center and town hall will be closed for Memorial Day, Monday, May 29.


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