Serving all of Eastern Laramie County since 1908

Metal to Metal

Wild life and metal come together at Alwayz Manufacturing. Dean Bowman started Alwayz Manufacturing in the early nineteen nineties, out of a financial necessity. Bowman with his creative wild life designs and a CNC (computerized Numerical Controlled) Plasma Table has built a world renown business. You can find all different types of metal art work from chairs, benches, barstools, towel holders, business card holders, wine racks, wall art, as well as many other home and business items, at their showroom. They have a strong line of Horseshoe art that is cut and fabricated on site. The art work in the showroom is quite amazing and very detailed.

Along with the CNC Plasma Table the shop houses a Water Jet cutter, that is computerized as well. The water jet cutter, has been known to do some tile cutting designs. The difference between the plasma cutter and the water jet are significant. The plasma cutter is used for metal and can cut up to 1/4" thick, the water jet is useful on other products and has the capacity to cut up to 9" thick. The product is then coated with a powder and baked for the smooth finish. They provide three color choses at this time black, gray and brown.

You will also find that they have expanded into Embroidery, screen printing, and vinyl decals. You will find signs, shirts (including the Hornet shirts), hats, wall and yard art all around the Town of Pine Bluffs from Alwayz Manufacturing. If you have a metal product, needing repaired this is a place to take it. The showroom also has a full line of welding parts available, as well as sheet steel for sale. If you need a particular item fabricated for your design it would be well worth your time to check with them. A lot of the items that have been designed and made is just that, a request!

Bowman traveled to trade shows throughout the United States for the first 15 years, selling products that soon found homes in, not only the United State, but world wide. Always Manufacturing was a steady client at one of the worlds largest Western Show in Denver, CO for several years before settling down at the showroom on the edge of Pine Bluffs, WY. Products from the showroom have been shipped all over the world. The family owned and operated business sits on the same property as Bowman Irrigation that is operated by Dean Bowman's father. 6290 I-80 Service Rd, Pine Bluffs, WY. You can follow them on Facebook or contact them at 307-245-3649.

Mr. Bowman is a proud member and sponsor of "Pheasants Forever" and you can see it in his designs.


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