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The new kids on the block

Pine Bluffs High School has had many new students arrive this year from all over for many different reasons. Mr. Sweeter stated that many of the challenges with having so many new students has been learning their names and trying to build a relationship with them. Mr. Sweeter knows what it's like to be the new person from out of town. He mentioned that he himself is from another town.   

"I was a principal in South Dakota, and before that I was a middle school teacher in South Dakota," said Sweeter.

Joey Romans is a new student to Pine Bluffs High School who is in 9th grade. He seems to really like many things about moving to Pine..

"I love it here. I love the teachers, I love the students, and I think i'm being taught well,'' said Romans.

One of his fears when moving here was that nobody would be nice or want to talk to him. Luckily, that fear did not come true and he has been welcomed to the school and community by many people.

Another student who is new to Pine Bluffs but not the area is Stuart Lerwick. Lerwick came to Pine Bluffs from Albin and seems to like the school just fine so far.

Lerwick said "I like it here. I like it better than I liked my elementary school in Albin."

His biggest fear was that the workload would be too large for him to keep up with. He was also worried that the classes were going to be too hard as well. Luckily, his fear also did not come true.

Keara O' Brien is new to the school as well as Wyoming. She thinks it is a great school and she is happy to be here so far. She had a similar fear as Romans and also though she wouldn't make any friends. Although that fear did not come true and she has made many friends, O'Brien still longs for where she came from.

"I miss my old friends." O'Brien said.

Of course with any change or move, there are differences and difficulties to face. Christina Ritter moved to Pine Bluffs from Oklahoma and is still getting used to many of the changes. She thought at first it was difficult to use the Chromebooks, but now finds that she is able to get ahead in many of her classes. Instead of finding the school work much harder, she is able to handle it well.

With so many new students, it is a great thing that the staff and students at Pine Bluffs High School are so welcoming. Most, if not all, of the fears that students felt before moving here have been laid to rest.


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