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Fiber Optics close to completion for phase one

RT Communication's employees are spending the fall, finishing up the fiber optic installation. Splicing is being worked on to connect the central office to customers, homes and businesses. With the help of the Clearfield Inc. designs, it was a shorter amount of time to install the fiber optics in the planned area, as well as the operational saving to RT Communication.

The specialist in fiber management and connectivity platforms for communications providers, announced that RT Communications has leveraged Clearfield's modular, pre-engineered technology, including FieldSheild Pushable Optical Fiber,Multiport Terminals and patch cord connectors to speed Fiber-to-the Premise service delivery to expand the range and reach of its network. RT Communications' network covers over 10,000 subscribers in communities throughout Wyoming, and South Dakota. Most recently Clearfield FieldShield products were utilized in a deployment for residential customer in Pine Bluffs, seeking to improve connectivity for the carrier's fiber customers.

Tentative plans to add more fiber optics in Pine Bluffs are in future years. "RT's goal is to expand their fiber optic broadband network to as may locations as feasible, and Clearfield provides a comprehensive and economical solution for doing so" said Becky Dooley, Vice President & General Manager for RT Communications. "The Clearfield solution includes a modular product line backed by a team of dedicated support professionals, and when combined, helps to streamline the installation and maintenance of RT's fiber optic network."

Fiber service is not new for Pine Bluffs residents, but the ability to access high-speed services has been limited. With Clearfield's cost-effective and labor-lite approach, RT Communications is now able to simpify and scale the deployment without having to deploy a construction crew each time a new service installation is needed.


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