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Local Knights of Columbus collect for military

The call for donations is strong for the Knights of Columbus. Farther Killian Muli, the former pastor from Pine Bluffs has reached out to the local Knights of Columbus to solicit items for the 800 soldiers at Camp Casey in South Korea.

Items they are looking for are tooth paste, tooth brushes, razors, socks, beef jerky, candy, Slim Jims, phone cards, etc.. If you chose to donate money it will be used to purchase these items. This is the first time that this particular chapter of the Knights of Columbus has requested the community's help for donations like this.

The hope is to have enough items, to put together at least 100 packages if not more as well as having them collected by the week of Thanksgiving to make sure they are received by Christmas.

To pick up donations, or questions regarding donation of other items, please call Bob Plover at 307-421-0161 or Mike Rucker at 307-547-2245.


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