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A Puppy for Christmas

Bringing home an animal is a huge responsibility. Whether it is a puppy, kitten, hamster, or even a fish. All coming with their own set of needs and human responsibilities. When bringing home an animal the thought of the animals future needs should always cross your mind.

This is the season that people start to bring home animals for christmas. One of the favorites people like to bring home are puppies. When gifting a puppy to someone you need to be sure that the recipient is ready for the responsibility and longevity of a dog. A puppy is anywhere from a 10 to 15 year task. When you bring one home you'll need to make sure you have a kennel, good quality food, toys, and the money for vaccines and vet visits. Along with having the necessary materials for a puppy, its also a good idea to "puppy proof" a home before bringing them inside the home.

Just like baby proofing, you need to make sure that any chemicals that could be harmful are put away. If there is anything you don't want lost or chewed up be sure that all of it is picked up and put away. "If you set the puppy up for success it will make things a lot easier for both of you then to let them figure out the failure on their own, so move the shoes, and give them plenty of options of toys to play with." mentions Dr Joya Migliaccio.

"It should be that every puppy should come with a crate and a piggy bank, because these animals are not cheap. When buying a puppy you need to think about all the yearly vaccinations that will come with it and also people need to think about how important the crate is. Dogs are den animals so when they are scared or overwhelmed they need to have place to go. And that place should be their kennel" said Dr Amy Berry. Vaccines are a necessity for animals such as dogs and cats because things such as rabies are a real threat.

If you are deciding maybe a dog isn't for my family, then there are a few other animal options. If you're family doesn't necessarily have the time to play and groom a pet then something such as a cat would be easier. If you are also looking for a first pet for you child a hamster or guinea pig wouldn't be a bad idea. It will help teach them responsibility and help you see if they are ready for more responsibility or not.

There are many breeds of dogs and many different species of animals that would make great family pets. The best thing you can do this season is to do your research and think hard about what might and might not work for your family. No pet comes without needing a responsible owner to care for it. Never buy an animal on impulse. Always give yourself a day or two to think about it and then go from there.


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