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A Holiday Tradition...

As Christmas day draws closer many of us are planning the traditions that we grew up with. Whether it be the Christmas dinner, Christmas Eve festivities or the way that we open and give presents. These traditions keep us intertwined with our families and past. It may be a tradition that was started generations ago or something that you just started a couple of years ago but these traditions keep bringing families together.

For the Merryfield family it started many years ago when the Nerf gun first came out. All six children got one from Santa. Of course back in those days they were small and only fired one dart at a time. That morning we had our first Nerf war. Six kids and dad all shooting each other and laughing and running around. Mom would hide in the kitchen and prepare the Christmas dinner that we all dreamed about. This would go on for a couple of hours and then something else would take its place. In later years as word of this spread we would invite friends to come over and participate in the fun. This has become a Christmas tradition for us since then.

For local resident Ron Ladd their tradition is a bit less active. On Christmas Eve all the relatives come up and they go to a movie. When the movie ends they go to Starbucks for a coffee. Then they attend evening services at the local Methodist Church. When that has concluded they return home and each get to open one present. They start with the youngest to oldest. On Christmas Day they open presents in the same order, youngest to oldest.

For Karen Lipska, another local resident tradition revolves around the dinner. They choose a different country each year and on Christmas they prepare traditional Christmas dinners from that country.

Another local resident, Tracey Morrison and her family, they exchange gifts by the roll of the dice. Doubles win.

No matter what your traditions are, or if you are just starting new ones. Keeping your families love and togetherness is what this season is all about. Combining the old with the new or just starting traditions make the holidays. Don’t let the season pass without telling your loved ones how you feel. Enjoy the time you have with them and make lasting memories with them. Whether it is with time honored tradition or new ones you just started. You never know what tomorrow will bring. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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