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Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child is a program that gives children an opportunity that they may have not gotten before. It gives them a chance to celebrate and learn about God. The look on children’s faces when they get the boxes makes it all worthwhile. What's in the box? Well, the items vary from essentials like a toothbrushes, bar soap, hair ties, clothes, and shoes. Those items are fun and all, but what kids really look forward to are the toys. The toys come in all shapes and sizes from a big teddy bear to a little pony.

Packing the boxes is a little complicated. There are certain items that aren’t allowed to ship like liquid shampoo, money, and candy. Just this last year the organizations made a hard decision to not take candy because the tax was so high. Instead of paying for items that cost so much, they can send more boxes and ultimately help more children by including more necessities. The boxes go all over the world to organizations such as the Samaritan's Purse and its partners. These organizations deliver the gifts to children in more than 100 countries.

Donating to the cause is easy. It only costs $9 and can help a lot more people than you think. Instead of going and getting your mocha frappe at Starbucks, once a year donate to the cause. What does your $9 do? Your $9 donation to Operation Christmas Child helps train local churches to use the their Ministry Partner Guide. This resource shows churches how to share the Good News of the Lord in a child-friendly way. Your donation also provides The Greatest Gift Gospel Booklets, which are written in the children's language and distributed along with shoebox gifts. If possible, give a little extra this Christmas to those who need help. Have a merry Christmas!


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