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Dairy farming from 1917


December 28, 2017

For the Pine Bluffs Post

A young girl hand feeds a dairy cow grain.

Dairy - excerpts from 1917 Pine Bluffs Post

Building Up a Dairy Herd

Careful selection, intelligent breeding and skillful management are fundamental in the profitable up building of the dairy herd. By the use of economy and good judgement the improvement of a herd need not be expensive.

Careful selection is the first step in the building up of a dairy herd. Selection naturally begins with the elimination of all low producers. Every owner of dairy cows should establish a definite standard and all cows that do not measure up to the requirements should be rejected. One hundred and fifty pounds of butterfat a year is a fair minimum for most localities. Whether a cow is to be rejected or retained should depend ordinarily on production as shown by the Babcock test and the scales. Only the best heifer calves from the most productive cows should be raised

Feed Calf

Separator Milk

-Excerpts from 1917 Pine Bluffs Post

Separator milk is not a balanced ration for calves. On this feed alone, and the way it is usually given to them, they are liable to get indigestion, as shown by a bloated condition, capricious appetite and diarrhea. Most of the trouble can be avoided by adding a handful of oil meal, to cornmeal or cotton seed meal, to supply, in a new way, the fat that has been removed in the skimming.

The milk should be given to them warm and never when it is frothy. Never allow a calf to drink all of the milk that it wants at one meal. It is a bad practice to allow several calves to drink out of one trough, some of them will get too much. Care in feeding calves is of vastly more importance than "cures" for calves scours.

Contaminated Air In Milk

-Excerpts from 1917 Pine Bluffs Post

If the milking is done in a stable that is unclean and unventilated, filthy and filled with foul odors, it is readily understood how the streams of milk passing from the udder to the pail will force the contaminated air into the pail and impart to the milk its foul odors. The use of the separator under similar conditions must produce similar results.

Odors and flavors are also produced in the milk after it has been drawn, by the introduction into it of undesirable germs in the dust from the stable and the cow and from lack of cleanliness of vessels used in handling it.

Feeding Silage To Calves

-Excerpts from 1917 Pine Bluffs Post

Calves should become acquainted with silage early in life, beginning with a very small quantity in connection with other roughage and increasing gradually. In this way the young animals develop normally, making rapid gains while the cost is kept at the minimum.

Solve Dairy Feed Shortage

Dairymen can solve the feed shortage by the same method other people are using to solve the food shortage. They can make what they have go further. If food economics can result in feeding more people, the same feed can feed more cows.


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