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Students from PBHS compete with larger schools


January 18, 2018

Dustin Lee/Student Journalism/

Students practice for indoor tract - Kendra Sloan, Seth Tangeman, Ismael DePaulitte, Hallie Christofferson

This year, indoor track has many more participants. In the past few years, only five participants have played and not all played in one year. The most Pine Bluffs has had in a year was two participants until this year. This year PBHS has six student athletes. Pine Bluffs students have to travel to Cheyenne every Thursday to practice as a team with the Cheyenne coaches and students, but practice nearly every day after school alone or in smaller groups. Athletes who participate are much more self-reliant on progressing towards their goals. The indoor team also do not have just one coach, but instead have a different coach for every event and some even have assistant coaches. Brian Anderson has been helping the Pine Bluffs athletes after school.

Some Pine Bluffs athletes felt mixed emotions about their first indoor meet of the year. All of the athletes appreciated the consistent weather, while others felt that the smaller track made their running feel repetitive. For instance, Hallie Christofferson mentioned that instead of having to go around the track eight times for the two mile, she had to go around it sixteen times.

Ishmael DePaulitte said "I felt that competing against athletes at the 4A level pushed me harder to be better" and "It was nice not having to worry about the wind or rain." DePaulitte also said "Indoor track helps me with coordination and makes me a better all around athlete."

Other students aren't worried at all about the 4A level.

"The competition is going to be a piece of cake," and "the indoor track will help me stay up and practice on my pole vaulting," said Seth Tangeman.

The athletes who participate in indoor track have various reasons as to why they are joining the sport instead of playing basketball like they had in the past. Kendra Sloan's goal is to better herself as an athlete and prepare herself for the outdoor season.

Christofferson said "getting conditioning in for outdoor track is why I do it."

Tangeman and DePaulitte are also both looking forward to getting better and pushing themselves further against larger schools. They all have been to only one meet, but they are hopeful the rest of the season goes well.


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