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New age farming


February 1, 2018

Justin Loeffler

Jacob Spurgin, former employee of Loeffler Ag Service, LLC installs an AquaSpy Soil Health monitoring system.

In today's agricultural industry it's more important than ever to work within budgets and know where you should spend those precious dollars. Farmers today have more resources to help them manage different soils, identify higher performing hybrids, and manage all their different facets of farming than they did years ago. Strategy is aided with technology.

Understanding what it is that you are working with is an excellent place to start. By utilizing an EM (Electro- Magnetic) or EC (Electro-Conductivity) survey, you can start to understand all the different densities and holding capacities your fields contain. This should be the starting point for everyone whether you are set up for variable rate application or not. As well as serve as a gauge for what hybrids and fertility your ground is good for.

With this beginning data Ag Specialist can begin having intelligent conversations about the path you need to start down and your options to utilize the equipment and resources you already have to start optimizing your inputs. Understand that this is a process and you want to make sure that you get started early to ensure that you have sufficient time to start implementing your new strategies.

The time to start farming smarter not harder is now.


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