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Haize Fornstrom, MVP


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Hornets #5 Haize Fornstrom rebounds the ball away from the Tigers. Bottom: Hornets #33 Tucker Norman reaches high to prevent Tigers from scoring in January game.

Getting into the state championships for basketball is hard enough, but having all eyes on you as a player is even more difficult.

The Most Valuable Player, Haize Fornstrom, didn't even seem to flinch. Going into state the Hornets had only lost one game to Big Horn so the confidence level was pretty high.

"I knew that we could do it. I felt pretty good, just going into the game. I felt like the guys had progressed this year and we did better as a team. That we could win," said Fornstrom.

Although being named the Most Valuable Player is something Fornstrom is getting used to, he remained very humble.

"I try to do what I can, where I can. It felt good to be able to help out where I could, and just be important." Fornstrom had crucial information that he wanted to share with his underclassmen. "Keep pushing hard, doing your best, and striving to win."

The Pine Bluffs Hornets 2A Boy's Basketball team did just that. With a game of 68:73, it was close but not one of the Boy Hornets seemed fazed.

Fornstrom seemed to be content with the way the scoreboard was numbered.

"I was excited to face a situation like that. I'd much rather be in a close game versus being in a 40 pointer." As anyone who's been in sports can testify, when you're part of one it's like a family. " Hotel rooms were always exciting, but playing play station and just having fun with the team was my favorite."

"The best part had to be the trips. That was probably my favorite part of the season," said Fornstrom.


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