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Kevin F. Borquez A Veteran's Story


April 19, 2018

Penny Merryfield/Pine Bluffs Post

Kevin Borquez poses in front of a picture of his dad who served in the United States Army.

Kevin F. Borquez takes pride in his family well as his family's military background. It is with this deep respect for his dad, his uncles, and cousins and their time in the military that brought him to serve.

Borquez was born and raised in Monterey Park, California. He went to high school at Mark Keppel High School. Upon graduating, he entered California State University at Los Angeles. His studies were focused and he completed his studies with a degree in Criminal Justice.

Using his knowledge, Borguez was hired at a bodyguard to some of California's entertainment stars. Some of the perks of his job, was traveling with the stars he was protecting to such places as Europe, Scotland, and many places stateside, like the east coast, mainly New York.

Borquez served as a bodyguard for more than three years for Cher. This was one job he loved. "Some stars have big egos and you must learn certain behavior. With Cher, she and her whole family were so down to earth!" he said. "There were times I would shut of computers, televisions, etc. as Cher would be working in the house, and she would be singing. It was like getting my own private concert! She was such a pleasure to hear!" he further added.

From Cher to Roseann, Tina Turner to Michael Isner at Disney, he pulled lots of hours, many days, and time away from home. After his three and a half year position with Michael Isner, Borquez resigned.

This idle time didn't last long as he enlisted in the California National Guard. Borquesz was assigned to the group in San Francisco, California. "I checked out the branches, and found that I had more opportunities with the California National Guard, to work in the area I wanted, with advancement, than I did in the other branches." he stated.

Borquez enjoyed his training and felt he was given more real world training through the guard.

During a bivouac training in Georgia in the swamps, he was injured. The injury was serious enough to send him home, medically discharged from the service.

Upon arriving home, Borquez sought out different employment than what he had become accustomed to doing. He found himself in foreign territory, but soon grew to love it. He became a coffee roaster. He brewed special coffee for five years in the Los Angeles, California area. An injury left him unable to work, and he spends much time in his wheel chair. He moved back home to get help from family in Gilroy,California.

Courtesy Kevin Borquez

A prized possession of Borquez is a picture of his dad getting ready to board a plane. He was a paratrooper in the United States Army.

During this time, Borquez's brother, Steve was living in Casper, Wyoming. He had been telling him, "Come to Wyoming Kevin, you will love it." "I began to look around to other states, and checked out places in Montana, Arizona as well as Wyoming," he said. "But I just couldn't find any place that drew me like Pine Bluffs!" Borquez packed up and moved to Pine Bluffs, Wyoming three years ago. "I love it here, and the people are so wonderful, they show manners and respect....something I was missing!" he added." I prayed about it and I truly believe Jesus brought me here."

Borquez spends much of his time reading and studying history, especially military history. He is the president of the Sportsman Club in Pine Bluffs. He spoke about upcoming events and said the club will be holding a "3 Gun Shootout" sometime this year.

Reflecting on his time in the service, and the events that lead him to Pine Bluffs, Borquez has some advice for the young anticipating in joining the military. "Go to college and get a degree first, then go into the military. I believe it will make a better soldier out of you!" he stated. "I have no regrets in my life for how it has taken me. My military, education and religion has lead me to this path!"

Thank you Kevin for serving.


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