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Pack 109 Takes Pack of the Year


Courtesy of Pine Bluffs Cub Scouts

Back row - Heather Eggli-Den Leader, Savannah Merideth, Xavier Smith, Xander Smith, Asher Lee, Aiden Arasmith and Elizabeth Zerck-Cub Master. Front Row:Jesse Helms, Bubba Dugan, Ayden Merideth, Jesse Gortney, Gage Wollington, Kaden Eggli and Kooper Zerck.

It has been nearly a year for the re-established Pine Bluffs Cub Scout Pack 109 to be up and running. The newly reformed pack started out with approximately 12 members and have grown to 15 members losing a couple along the way.

Pack 109 was nominated for several awards through the district. Bobbi Arasmith and Heath Stecklein nominated the Pack for Pack of the Year, and Cub Master of the Year for the Frontier District. They won.

This energetic pack, has set in motion a pace that brought them fame. In March they competed in Kimball, Nebraska against the Cub Scouts there in a Pinewood Derby, and decided to have their own.

In the Kimball event, pack vs. pack, Pine Bluffs Pack 109 was pitted against themselves and Kimball. Then the top three were in competition. Pine Blufs placed first. Two of the members placed in the top 3. Kaden Eggli placed 1st, and Gage Woolington place 3rd.

Pack 109 had representatives at District, and Gage Woolington would take home 4th from District.

Pack 109 enjoyed the Kimball Pinewood Derby so much they located a track and decided to hold their own derby.

They invited the Pine Bluffs Girl Scout Troop 01431 to participate against them, and had a run with siblings as well. Their track had a little hiccup, and they ended up racing with just one lane, and having the car judge also run the stopwatch. Den Leader, Heather Eggli and Chris Jackson, from Pine Bluffs, helped with time keeping. Judges were Chris Jackson, and Glenn Sisson, both work at High West.

In the Cub Scouts race, Kaden Eggli took first, Kooper Zerck placed second, while Ayden Merideth took third.

Girl Scout Troop 01431 winners were: Raelyn Gortney first, Adison Dula place second, and Emalee Marcinko, partners on a car-place second, and Kylie Haukap took third.

Placing in the Sibling race was: Ember Zerck - first; Wyatt Hendricks - second, and Judah Lee took third.

Participation in the Pinewood Derby required them to make their own cars. Parents were allowed to assist only slightly. Design and building were to be done by the scout.

Courtesy of Pine Bluffs Cub Scouts

Plans in the future are: assisting the Donald Eisenhauer American Legion Post 60 put out Cemetery flags on veteran's graves on Memorial Day; a conservation project out at Lake Oliver, by Bushnell, Nebraska on July 14. They will be building a trail and over the year, keep it clean, build birdhouses for the trail; also during Trail Days, Pack 109 will be working with the Laramie County Fire District No. 5 with a pancake feed at the fire hall.

This pack which is made up of 14 boys and 1 girl are under the leadership of Cub Master, Elizabeth Zerck of Pine Bluffs, with Heather Eggli as Den Leader, also of Pine Bluffs.

On May 22, 2018, there is an upcoming Bridging Ceremony where Pack 109 will be awarding members of Pack 109 with new ranks.


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