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4-H, Cowboys and steers- a family tradition


Courtesy McGinnis Family

left:Dad-Jim McGinnis, Jordan McGinnis, Connor McGinnis, James McGinnis, Cameron McGinnis and Mom-Julia McGinnis.

4-H is a household word in Jim McGinnis house in Bushnell, Nebraska. "For as long as I can remember, I was a member in 4-H." said Jim McGinnis. "My grandpa, and numerous uncles were all in 4-H so it runs in our family!" he added.

"This is a wonderful life skills program for any kid today, and it is not just farm animals!" stated Jim McGinnis. All of his boys are active members of 4-H through the Banner-Kimball County 4-H. "They will all learn things that can sustain them throughout their life, like sewing, cooking and more." he said.

Jim McGinnis works on a farm for Jeff Nelson and they farm wheat, millet, alfalfa, and corn.

Jim McGinnis's old boy, Jordan McGinnis is a senior at Kimball High School. He is raising a steer named "Jet". "I started in steers last year when I got my catch a calf along with my cousin Justice Golding and Lane Waselewski." Jordan stated. "It was challenging at times, but really paid off when I received reserved champion last year." he added.

Connor McGinnis is next in this line of 4-Hers. He is raising a steer named "Forest". Connor admits he chose a steer because he is not good with pigs. "I had fun last year with the steers, so I thought I would do it this year and my steer is a black Angus breed." he stated.

Third brother in line in this family of 4-H is James McGinnis. James decided to do steers because he loves cattle. "I love working with and training them to get them ready for the show ring." James said. "My steer is Walter." he added.

The youngest of the McGinnis boys, Cameron joined 4-H this year and after seeing his older brothers all working with steers, he jumped in to do the same. "Since my brothers were doing steers I decided to do it as well, then I decided to get a pig also to see how everything worked out in 4-H." he said. This is Cameron's first year and he has named his steer "Angus Shorthorn Cross", and his pig is named "Betsy Brow".

With all the 4-H activities, their steers and all, Jordan and Connor are also in FFA.

Courtesy McGinnis Family

Jordan McGinnis with "Jet".

"All the boys recommend joining and if someone is interested, they can reach out to someone who is a member and get connected with a club or one can call Erika Loy at the Extension Office and get information." added Jim McGinnis.

Being the only female in the house, mom, Julia McGinnis totally supports her boys. "I guess being a farmer's wife you kind of do a little bit of everything and pick up the slack when your husband isn't home I enjoy having my children in 4-H and doing 4-H project I think it teaches them discipline annoying how it is to take care of something that is truly alive my husband is a farm hand we have a small herd of cattle ourselves yes I say there's good times and bad times all I know is I enjoy being a mother of 4-H children and a farmer's wife." said Julia McGinnis.


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