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Pine Bluffs joins in on National Swim a Lap Day


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Andre' Graesser and Addison Perlinski from 2015 Mini Me

Dive into the Pine Bluffs Pool and swim a lap or two on Sunday, June 24 for National Swim a Lap Day. The unofficial holiday celebrates the sport of swimming and encourages people to engage in it for the purpose of exercise.  In observance of this special day, the Pine Bluffs Pool will offer free swimming all day with special extended lap swim hours both before and after our regular open swim hours.

Swimming is a great way of getting exercise, especially for those who have health problems that make traditional exercise difficult due to weakness or difficulty moving. Swimming has been an activity humans have indulged in for centuries for many reasons, with recreation being by far the most common.  According to, swimming is in fact, ranked among the most popular forms of physical activity, even among otherwise sedentary individuals. The buoyant nature of water makes it much easier on those with physical limitations to get out and have a good time, and the act of coursing through the water is often described as feeling a bit like flying!

Swimming has also been shown to be excellent for your health. Those engaged in swimming tend to engage in the activity for longer than other forms of exercise, and the act of swimming often engages the entire body while moving through the water. Other benefits seen from swimming include a reduction in stress related illnesses and it can even improve posture!

Swimming is also commonly participated in as a competitive sport and artistic display. Whether it's simple speed swimming or synchronised water based dance performances, swimming has found it's way into many sport venues, including the Olympic Games. Due to it's unique engagement of muscle groups, swimming segments are also commonly included in multi-segmented sport competitions, including triathlons, like our Pine Bluffs Mini Me Triathlon and Iron Man competitions.

 There are many health benefits to swimming, and it's an activity especially encouraged for those suffering from degenerative diseases, and ones that impede mobility such as arthritis. It's low impact nature allows those whose movement would otherwise be restricted to engage in a full body workout without causing further damage. Even those who are of advanced age can find an ability to remain active in this sport!

Due to it's full body nature, this sport is also excellent for building cardiovascular and respiratory health, increasing how much oxygen the body is able to take advantage, as well as how much blood the heart is able to move with each stroke.

These are just a few of the reasons to get out and get swimming. Swim a Lap Day reminds us that any activity is better than remaining sedentary, and a single lap is a great way to get a start on a healthful and engaging exercise that can involve the whole family!

So come on over to the Pine Bluffs Pool on Nat'l Swim A Lap Day and do just that!!  It's free and you might just get hooked on swimming!  Our extended hours for National Swim A Lap Day on June 24 are:  8am - 12 noon & 5pm - 7pm Lap Swim; 1pm-5pm Open Swim and FREE ALL DAY!


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