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Cheyenne man seeking to unseat U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney in August Republican primary


A Cheyenne man is looking to unseat Wyoming’s sole U.S. Representative.

Rod Miller, a Rawlins Native, says he’s confident he can defeat Republican U.S. Representative Liz Cheney in the August 21 primary.

He says Cheney is seldom in Wyoming and has not been open to debate.

“If she would just show up and debate me, I’d let her cut my hair,” Miller said.

Miller says its not up to him to decide whether Cheney’s absence from the state is a negative. It’s just a different style of campaigning he said.

“If that’s a knock, the voters will decide that in August,” Miller said. “It’s not a make or break issue for me, but it’s not something I’m going to ignore.

“I seldom pull this card, but my family got here in 1867 and they’ve been here ever since. I’ve been here ever since, and I still have a gut-feeling that people in Wyoming respond to that. It’s not going to be the fulcrum issue in the campaign, but I’m not going to ignore my heritage.”

Miller said his key issue is Cheney’s “lack of engagement” with the voters during her tenure in Congress. It remains to be seen whether President Donald Trump will be as big of a boost as he was in the 2016 election.

And preventing the state from taking over federal lands is high on Miller’s list. Citing the Wyoming Constitution, he said Wyoming must sell any federal lands it obtains to the highest bitter.

“On the campaign trail, I talk about hot button issues like where can I carry my gun, who has to bake a cake for whom, which bathroom you people use — that culture war stuff,” Miller said. “I tell people let’s just push that off to the side of the table and deal with what is really the fundamental issue in this country, and that’s $21 trillion in debt. The red ink we carry on our books could sink us.”

Miller said, since the end of World War II, Congress has “punted” on its war powers and allowed a strong executive. The U.S. hasn’t been in a declared war since the end of WWII, but that hasn’t stopped the nation from fighting in other conflicts.

“We haven’t been in a war since then, but there’s been over 100,000 soldiers killed,” Miller said.


Miller was born near Rawlins, where he worked on the family ranch.

After attending Casper College and the University of Northern Colorado, Miller went to work for former Wyoming Governor Ed Herschler as a natural resources staff member.

He stayed on through Mike Sullivan’s two terms.

Miller spent some time in Laramie before moving to the Buford area where he managed the Remount Ranch. He recently moved back to Cheyenne, where he manages his campaign from his residence.

Throughout the election, Miller has touted his low-cost campaign. He has refused to accept donations from large political organizations.

“If I don’t get outspent ten or twenty to one in this campaign, I’ll be shocked. My opponent has access to nearly unlimited piles of outside corporate and PAC money and she’s not at all reluctant to use it,” Miller wrote on his campaign website. “I want to run my campaign differently. It offends me that east coast power brokers and political operatives thank that they can buy Wyoming’s only seat in the U.S. House of Representatives using “dark money” and PAC checkbooks.

He’s mostly advertised on social media platforms and has traveled the state meeting Wyoming residents and voters.

Early voting is underway. Election day is August 21.


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