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A Day at the Races - Julesburg Dragstrip


September 6, 2018

Penny Merryfield

Rodney Rasgorshek, Kimball, Nebraska warms his tires up with a burn out in his 1992 Ford Mustang, before heading to the line. Rasgorshek took first in points in Super Pro.

Racers geared up and prepared to run the quarter track at the country's oldest dragstrip - Julesburg on Sunday, September 2 for the last points race of the season.

Sunday's points race grew with more cars entered due to the Revelation Steel Labor Day Bracket Challenge. Racers from the tri-state area and as far away as Albuquerque, New Mexico competed at the track over Labor Day weekend.

Track manager, Todd Barowsky stated, "This was a great success, and a Huge thank you to all of you that made this a record breaking weekend. Special thanks to Todd Perkins and Revelation Steel for the sponsorship and support you give to the track."

Word was there were over 140 cars competing making it down to timing for the winners.

Winners from Saturday's Revelation Steel Labor Day Bracket Challenge are:

September 1, 2018

Super Pro

1st Gary Stinson Douglas, WY

2nd David Terrell Littleton, CO

3rd Rebecca Spaur Gill, CO

4th Jack Armagost Greeley, CO


1st Derek Johnson Cheyenne, WY

2nd Matt Brasby Ft Morgan, CO

3rd Aaron Huckfeldt Hay Springs, NE

4th Chris Asti Henderson, CO


1st Chris Asti Henderson, CO

2nd David Zinke Arvada, CO

3rd Andy Wagoner Gurley, NE

4th David Hoyt Arvada, CO


1st Kiel Henderson CO Springs, CO

2nd Dwayne Netzel Platteville, CO

3rd Deanna Brooks Brighton, CO


1st Daryl Dinkle Mack, CO

2nd Kevin Jones Whitewater, CO

3rd Sidney McDaniel Albuquerque, NM

4th Dale Schroeder Keenesburg, CO

September 2, 2018

Super Pro

1st Missy Flores Brighton, CO

2nd Duane Allendorf Johnstown, CO

3rd Gary Stinson Douglas, WY


1st Phil Baladez Evans, CO

2nd Willy Webb Brighton, CO

3rd Rick Hume Lodgepole, NE


1st Aaron Graber Denver, CO

2nd Steve Nazarenus Brighton, CO

3rd Janey Barker Lakewood, CO


1st Mike Powell Sedgwick, CO

2nd John Barker Lakewood, CO

3rd Anthony Woolverton Brighton, CO

High School

1st Shelby Miller Sidney, NE

2nd Kristie Hill Big Springs, NE

3rd Jayden Wickizer Wallace, NE

4th David Stice Cheyenne, WY

JD 1

1st Josie Niskanan CO Springs, CO

2nd Deegan Newman Brighton, CO

JD 2

1st Dalton Allendorf Johnstown, CO

2nd Bransyn Kiefer Kimball, NE

3rd Blayne Stark Commerce City, CO

JD 3

1st Austin Mackey Wellington, CO

2nd Kristie Hill Big Springs, NE

3rd Ella Niskanan CO Springs, CO

4th David Stice Cheyenne, WY

King Street

1st Matt Farwell Wheatridge, CO

2nd Jackie Blackwell Greeley, CO

3rd Bryon Mackey Wellington, CO

4th Kim Goscha Wheatridge, CO



1st Don Finley Arvada, CO

2nd Dale Ainsworth Loveland, CO

3rd Justin Herbst North Platte, NE

4th Pete Maas North Platte, NE


1st Brandon Caldwell Henderson, CO (AFX)

2nd Larry Cleveland Broomfield, CO (RMSS)

3rd Mike McCallum Palisade, CO (AFX

Julesburg Dragstrip points as of September 2, 2018:

Super Pro

R504 Rodney Rasgorshek 2406; 5610 Rebecca Spaur 2109; E579 Jack Armagost 1800; Y501 Tanner Asti 1755; 5110 Jim Green 1604; Y507 Jon Ott 1500; R560 Rick Bernhardt 1400; 502G Missy Green 1354; H537 Travis Hunter 1003; G503 Doug Gunderson 1000; 5381 Wade Kiefer 753; G509 Fred Niles 700; X589 John Purviance 700; J2072 Lewis Jacobson 650; 5214 Scott Putney 602; 5815 Dave Keberlien 550; J2220 Neil Romick 500; 5804 Jackie Blackwell 500; 5248 James McCormick 400; W503 Zach Watson 200; 5693 Tracy Tolle 100.

Pro ET

580N Phil Baladez 3313; R553 Rick Hume 2859; K527 Konner Barnes 2254; 5155 Matt Brasby 2004; L570 Jim Laferty 1702; B504 Jeff Bonifas 1553; K568 Kevin Alexander 1504; B508 Willy Webb 1503; H590 David Hill 1352; J533 Derek Johnson 1300; B315 Gary Walter 1150; J532 Jeff Scheinost 950 T557; Terry Steinbeck 950; 5804 Jackie Blackwell 850; 5748 Steve Perkins 800; M526 Johnny Miller 702; B542 Betty Walter 650; 5315 Dale Schroeder 600; J559 James McNitt 500; J580 Todd Perkins 350; 5372 Josh Slack 250; 594Z Nick Maloley 0.


Y501 Tanner Asti 3310; E546 Chris Asti 2158; T512 Tiffany Hill 2156; A571 Vince Asti 2004; 5328 Dennis Henkel 1953; 3233 Chuck VanVleet 1802; J517 Janey Barker 1252; B582 Dave Rose 1152; J1013 Jordyn Anderson 1152; 1038 Steve Nazarenus 903; C555 Rich Thorpe 500; J5001 Javier Martinez 300; D555 Sara Thorpe 300; J2244 Briana Laferty 250; B526 Ed Teemly 0.


J175 Clay Wickizer 2156; 5005 Anthony Woolverton 2115; 5260 Toni Krenning 1611; J563 John Barker 1410.

High School

J2227 Shelby Miller 2778; J1020 Kristie Hill 2070; J2234 Jayden Wickizer 1917; J707 Sam Reorda 300.

JR Dragster 1

5105 Tristan Vehar 1166; 5819 Lily Vehar 306.

JR Dragster 2

518 Dalton Allendorf 2726; 509 Bransyn Kiefer 862; 595 Brandon Cunningham 811.

JR Dragster 3

5129 Kristie Hill 1419; 5111 David Stice 1166.

King Street

E546 Chris Asti 1411; P666 Jeff Uchida 506.


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