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The Plants of Christmas – Part 3 Christmas Cactus


December 13, 2018

Photo by Ray Guthridge.

Sharyn Guthridge, Laramie County Master Gardener, waters her many Christmas cacti.

Growing up I really had no idea what a Christmas cactus was. My grandmother had one, but to me it was just “that plant over there”. It was pretty for a few weeks out of the year and I never understood why it was so special to her. It was only after I met Linda that I started to get an idea of what the Christmas cactus was and why it was so special to people. Her mom had several and one was absolutely HUGE. It dominated the bedroom it was in and made everything else look, well, small. But she loved those plants. We now have three that started as cuttings from hers that have now been in o...

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