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Texas Trail Museum holds annual meeting


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Above: Scott Zimmerman, acting President of the Texas Trail Museum board prepares for the annual meeting at the Pine Bluffs Senior

The Texas Trail Museum held its annual meeting on Saturday, May 18th at the Pine Bluffs Senior Center. Members in attendance were treated to an old fashioned sausage bake complete with corn, potatoes, cabbage, and onions provided by Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Talich.

Scott Zimmerman, as acting president, reported that the board had a good year financially, and that the museum itself was enjoying many additions to its halls. One of the main talking points for this meeting was the reduction of board positions from nine to seven. With one board member choosing not to run for re-election, and one stepping down the board agreed that there was no need to refill those positions at this time.

Previous president Becky Martinez is stepping down from her post as she plans a move out of Pine Bluffs. Zimmerman presented previous president Becky Martinez an honorary lifetime membership as an appreciation of her many years of service. "She has always been there to pick up the slack wherever she is needed. Becky will be missed when she moves to Cheyenne." Stated board member Sharon Schmidl.

Jerry McWilliams reported that the museums outreach programs were getting good response. The newsletter and the Facebook page were all running well, and that he was looking forward to the response to several causes the museum was championing such as a push to help preserve the memory of the many old barns in the area, encouraging people to send in any pictures that they may have of the barns in their areas.

Finally, Mary Chowns, curator, reported that last years' visitor logs showed a total of 430 visitors during the season from May 1st to September 30th. Chowns was excited to report that since opening this year the museum has already had 63 visitors. The military hall has seen a growing popularity since its opening and Chowns was especially happy at the museums acquiring of a set of Marines full dress blues circa 1950's. Last year there were 30 people that had donated military items to the museum.

After a good lunch and a informative meeting, Zimmerman called for an adjournment and the board members left with positive feelings about next years meeting.


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