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Jeff Appleman - Burns newest Councilman


October 17, 2019

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Above: Heaven Appleman with daughters and husband - new Burns Councilman Jeff Appleman on vacation.

Jeff Appleman is the newest Burns council member. Although not a Wyoming native, Appleman is proud to call Wyoming home as he grew up on a farm/ranch in our neighboring state of Nebraska. Appleman graduated from Ainsworth High School in 2006, and attended college at South Dakota State University where he graduated with a Bachelor's in construction management. Appleman works for Aztec Construction in Cheyenne as a project estimator/manager.

In the eight years that Appleman has called Wyoming home he has come to love the small town of Burns. He, his wife, and their two daughters love spending time outside, the girls love school, and the Appleman's just think that Burns is an amazing place to raise a family. "I grew up in a rural area in Nebraska and Burns just feels like home to me. The people are friendly and look out for one another" Appleman stated.

After the June resignation of Councilman Ron Hopkins, it looked like the council seat would remain empty for a while as it seemed to be a challenge for the sitting council to agree on an applicant. Appleman is the youngest on the council and is still working on finding his political footing so to speak. "I feel like my time on the council has made some difference. I think I have brought some things to light that may have been overlooked in the past. I also know that I have a lot of things to learn yet. I don't consider myself a real political person so getting used to this position has taken some time." Appleman stated.

However, the citizens of Burns should be assured that Appleman only has their best interests at heart. He is eager to see Burns flourish and prosper without losing that small town feel that he likes so much. When asked about what he sees in the future for Burns Appleman has a definite idea of what it will take to move forward. "For even a small town I believe that the infrastructure is a critical topic. In my opinion the town has done a great job of keeping things updated to this point. My career in construction will be helpful in keeping that going." Said Appleman.

When talking about re-election, Appleman is hesitant to say one way or the other. He is not ruling out the possibility of another term, but would like to see how this one plays out first. It isn't out of the question though, and as long as he sees his time as beneficial to Burns he won't rule anything out.

Appleman is very passionate about keeping small town life alive and flourishing. In this day and age it's a struggle to keep young people in smaller towns, but Appleman feels that with a welcoming attitude and an openness to new business the town of Burns can continue. Appleman feels that if we continue to watch out for one another, support youth, support local business, and volunteer as much as possible then there is no limit to where Burns might go.


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