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TriState Grapplers Results

Battle in the Bluffs Results

PreK-K Division

34 Jaxon Lynch 1st Place

34 Jasper Gibson 4th Place

45 Laivyn Morgan DNP

48 Gavin Bibbey 4th Place

1st&2nd Grade

45 Ethan Bibbey 2nd Place

3rd&4th Grade

50 Kason Schindler 1st Place

65 Jax Thurin 3rd Place

95 Tuf Scarborough 2nd Place

5th&6th Grade

65 Cable Botha 3rd Place

70 Dom Boppre 1st Place

70 Joseph Coe-Lees 3rd Place

80 Ty Scarborough DNP

Girls Division

45 Laivyn Morgan 3rd Place

82 MaKenna Thurin 1st Place

This was a big tournament with lots of kids and only placed the top 4 spots....


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