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Tri-State Grapplers Results

Battle for the Belt


Mulvane, KS February 1st

8&Under Division

64- Jax Thurin 8th Place

12&Under Division

72- Dominique Boppre DNP

Brush's Battle for the Beet Tournament 

Brush, CO February 2nd

4&Under Division 

33-Jaxon Lynch 1st Place 

36-Jasper Gibson 3rd Place

6&Under Division 

50-Laivyn Morgan 5th Place 

8&Under Division

55- Jesse Gortney 4th Place 

65- Jax Thurin 1st Place 

10&Under Division 

65 - Jax Thurin 5th place

75- Joeseph Coe-Lees DNP

HWT- John Waldroupe 2nd Place

12&Under Division 

70- Dominique Boppre

2nd Place

84- Ty Scarborough

1st Place

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