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Laramie County Coroner holds open house


March 12, 2020

Victoria Smithey/ Pine Bluffs Post

Above: Stanley Walker , Laramie County Finance Director, a visitor, listen as Coroner Rebecca Reid talks about the new x-ray machine

Last week the Laramie County Coroner's Office held an open house to allow residents time to come in and see the facility. Coroner Rebecca Reid and Deputy Coroner Char Madden of Pine Bluffs, led tours around the facility including the new travel trailer that was recently added to their inventory.

Reid was able to impress visitors with the newly added portable x-ray machine as well as the recently finished second autopsy suite. Reid also mentioned that she was looking into new pathologists that were actually from the state of Wyoming. What that could possibly mean for the state is that it would no longer be necessary to send people to be autopsied in Fort Collins. This change could potentially lessen result times, and allow families to have answers they seek in a more timely fashion.

Reid was able to show visiting county workers the new supply rooms, and the areas where samples and DNA are kept. Interestingly enough, blood and fluids are kept at the office for one year, except in the cases of infant death or homicide, those samples are kept forever. DNA for everyone that comes in is kept forever as well. If there comes a time when an autopsy would need to be revisited, those samples can be retested.

Madden and Reid along with the help of the staff in the coroner's office are working hard to keep Wyoming on the top of her game when it comes to the end of a life. They continue to push for faster, less expensive, and more convenient ways to make sur e that Wyomingites can get to the answers that they seek in the passing of their loved ones.


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