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Clifford R. Johnson A Veteran Story


April 23, 2020

Courtesy of Ryan Johnson

Above: MSgt. C.R. Johnson.

Clifford Ryan Johnson was born in Sheridan, WY April 13, 1984 to Mark Johnson and Lois Adams. From his birth place, he would travel to Kentucky at the age of six, where he lived until he was fifteen.

As a teenager, Johnson would transfer states and move to Cheyenne, Wyoming to finish high school with his father.

"I was never to interested in high school, so I dropped out in February 2001 and got my GED in April 2005." Johnson said. After quitting school he would bounce around jobs looking for that right fit. He would work for the City of Cheyenne Sanitation, Wyoming Energy Council, and Union Pacific Railroad, however, Johnson still felt as though something was missing.

In June 2002, he enlisted at the Wyoming Air National Guard. "After 9/11 it seemed like the right fit to do something more than for myself." Johnson stated. "My father served for 24 years in the Army National Guard and his father, Harold Johnson served 6 years in the Army.Over the last four generations there has been numerous family members in the military." he said.

As a member of the Air National Guard I have been in Security Forces for 17 years and 10 months. During that time I have worked numerous positions across the career field. My favorite especially during the current war on terrorism was to prepare personnel to deploy as a weapons instructor for four years and then oversee the weapons training program for another four years.

Johnson's current duty assignment is in Security Forces as the Plans and Programs Superintendent. Johnson holds the rank of E7.

Johnson has been married to Stephany Johnson for 12 years and have two children Michaela (18) and Nathan (15), and one granddaughter named Lulu (6 months).

The military influence has remained strong in the Johnson family. "My son, Nathan, has already started his experience with the military by joining ROTC in school and he has been a member of the ROTC for two years." said Johnson.

Courtesy of Ryan Johnson

Above: Son, Nathan and dad, Ryan pause for a photo.

"I have really enjoyed the opportunities the military has provided me to defend my country while serving overseas and to help my local communities." he said. "I truly enjoyed assisting Wyoming communities during the Fremont County Flooding in 2010. We worked alongside of the local law enforcement, and it was great experience." Johnson added.

Johnson also was deployed to Afghanistan, and to Spain in support of the War on Terrorism. He assisted in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina did so much damage.

"Choosing the military as a way of life was more than a career, it was the right fit for my life and enabled me to serve my country." he said. "Any person looking to join the military today should research the career they want and if the best fit for them is to join active duty or stay close to home by joining the guard or reserves. Joining the military in any capacity is truly a great honor and humbling experience." he said.

MSgt Johnson we thank you for your service.


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