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The 2020 Victory Garden reading a seed packet


The back of a vegetable seed packet will have information to help you know days for germination and days to harvest fruit from that plant. Here are what all the numbers mean.

Days to Germination; under the proper growing conditions (warm soil and proper moisture) the seed will germinate in a given time. Some seeds can take a couple days others a couple weeks. Days to Maturity or Harvest is, once planted and allowing for transplant shock, then under proper growing conditions when you get to harvest that first fruit or vegetable.

For example: Amana Orange Tomato seed packet; 7 to 15 days to germination plus, another 14 days to get to transplant size, is now 21 to 29 days. Once transplanted into the garden expect another 14 days for the pant to deal with transplant shock and start sending out roots into the new soil. That gives us 35 to 43 days. According to the packet harvest is 80 days. That is now 105 to 123 days for this tomato variety before you have ripe fruit to pick.

Wyoming’s growing season can be as short as 90 days or as long as 120 days. To figure out when to plant, start the count backwards from the 123 days. If you want tomatoes mid-summer you need to start the seed in early April and transplant the last week of May.

The smaller the number for days to maturity or harvest the better chances you have for success. Any harvest number over 70 makes it difficult in our growing environment.

Written by; Catherine Wissner, University of Wyoming Laramie County Extension Horticulturist. [email protected] or 307-633-4480.


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