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An Unknown Soldier A Veteran's Story


My service goes back, way back to the Battle of Bunker Hill. I was in the (Continental)Army (formed June 14, 1775) with a rank of field officer and my rank could be seen on my hat with a pink or red cockade. I was a captain. Serving under General George Washington. I fought with my flintlock musket, a pistol and my bayonets. It was a tremendous battle, where over 400 of my fellow soldiers died for America. The British wounded and or dead topped 1,000. This battle was called the bloodiest of the Revolutionary War. I was proud to serve and I can be found in an unmarked grave near Charlestown.

Joining the (Continental)Navy shortly after it was formed (October 13, 1775) I found myself serving under Commander-in-chief Esek Hopkins aboard a 24 gun frigate named the Alfred. We captured 12 British Royal Navy and Merchant ships. We fought a hard battle at sea and fell to the British in 1778. I passed at sea.

From the (Continental)Navy, the (Continental) Marines were formed on November 10, 1775. We were established to do the ship to ship fighting, assist in landing forces, security and discipline enforcement. We were young, but freedom was at risk. I served during the Revolutionary War, and we were disbanded after the war. Many of us didn’t make it home, and our graves are the briny deep.

We were soldiers. We were on land and sea during the Civil War. Congress re-created us into the United States Navy and Marines in the 1800 time period to be prepared for the Quasi-War with France.

Serving in the 1960s was a challenge. I entered the U. S. Air Force, went to my basic training in Texas, which was a long way from home. After a brief tech school in Wyoming’s F. E. Warren Air Force Base, which was originally Fort D. A. Russell. The Fort went through changes as so did I. I found myself serving at Cam Ranh Bay South Vietnam. We would repair the planes that would come in all shot up and send them back. Or I might have been on Medi Vac. I didn’t return home, and someday, I will come home.

We have fought many battles, we have fought in many foreign lands. I have landed on shores in the Pacific, fought on grounds in Europe and have fought wars in the far east. I have served aboard ships, submarines, planes, jets and helicopters. Many of us came home to our loved ones and ones who didn’t love us too much. I have watched from this tomb the outcry against us, for us and thanking us. Whether I served in the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marines, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Coast Guard or any and all of the National Guards, isn’t important. What’s important is that we served!

Thank you all who have served and are resting at the Pine Bluffs Cemetery. And thank you to those who have served and haven’t come home yet….our unknown soldiers.

Adix, Thomas U.S. Army Korea

Butler, David Air National Guard Unknown

Binning Charles W. U.S. Army WWII

Carlson, Albert U.S. Army WWI

Carlson, Theodore M. U.S. Army WWII

Carpenter, William A U.S. Navy WWII

Cockett, Charles U.S.Army Air Corp WWII

Colbert, Ben U.S. Navy WWII

Constable, Claude H. U.S. Army Korea

Crossman, Robert N. U.S. Navy WWII

Christensen, Lloyd U.S. Army Korea

Edward William H. U.S. Army Spanish American War

Edwards, Eldred E. U.S. Army WWII

Edwards, Shirley U.S. Army WWII

Eggli, Donald U.S. Army Korea

Eisenhauer, Donald W. U.S. Marine Corp. WWII

Ekstrom, Joseph H. Unknown Branch WWI

Eisenhauer, Robert U.S. Marine Corp. WWII

Fisher, John Continental Army Civil War

Fisher, Warren A. U.S. Army WWI

Fyfe, Charles U.S. Army WWI

Floy, Earl Anton U.S. Army WWII

Fornstrim, Kenneth U.S. Army Air Corp WWII

Fornstrom, Ivan U.S. Merchant Marine WWII

Fry, Warren Pennington U.S. Navy WWII

Fahlstrom, Frank E. U.S. Army WWI

Fisher, Dean U.S. Air Force WWII

Fornstrom, Robert U.S. Army Vietnam

Golden, James N. U.S. Army WWI

Gross, C.C. U.S. Army WWI

Graves, Paul U.S. Army WWII

Gillespie, Lee S. U.S. Navy Vietnam

Garson, Theodor U.S. Army Air Corp WWII

Good, Raymond Stoker U.S. Navy WWII

Gross, C.C. Jr. U.S. Navy WWII

Gronewold, Fredrick U.S. Army WWII

Gensel, Floyd D. U.S. Army Korea

Gordon, Mike U.S. Army Korea

Gade, Laverne U.S. Army WWII

Geiber, Clarence (Bub) U.S. Army Unknown

Haukap, Clifford G. U.S. Navy WWII

Harms, Leonard U.S. Army Vietnam

Harrison, William H. U.S. Army WWI

Herman, Robert J. U.S. Army WWI

Hill, Robert M. U.S. Army WWII

Hockersmith, Gael Unknown Branch WWII

Hopka, Edwin L. U.S. Army WWII

Hopka, Malford U.S. Marine Corp. Korea

Huber, Jerry W. U.S. Air Force Vietnam

Holladay, John B. Unknown Branch WWI

Higday, Archie L. U.S. Navy WWI

Haas, Mural U.S. Navy Korea

Isley, Gottfried Fred U.S. Army WWI

Janicek, Donald U.S. Navy WWII

Jessen, John U.S. Army WWII

Johnson, Carl U.S. Army WWII

Johnson, C. Winston U.S. Army WWII

Johnson, Archie V. U.S. Army WWII

Johnson, Peter Arden U.S. Navy WWII

Judy, Elzie U.S. Army Air Corp WWII

Judy, Rolly U.S. Army WWII

Kruger, Raymond C. U.S. Navy WWII

Karlstom, Frank R. U.S. Army WWI

Kieley, Marvin U.S. Navy WWII

Kruger, Edwin U.S. Army WWII

Kieler, Marvin U.S. Navy WWII

Lanning, Ron U.S. Army WWII

Lemaster, Eugene Unknown WWII

Leemaster, Dale U.S. Army WWII

Lewis, James Unknown Branch WWII

Lewis, Leland U.S. Army WWII

Lewis, Robert U.S. Navy Vietnam

Long, Abner U.S. Army WWII

Leininger, Kenneth P. U.S. Army Korea

Long, George U.S. Army Korea

Miller, Peter J. Continental Army Civil War

Maxfield, Bert H. U.S. Army WWI

May, Edwards A. U.S. Army WWI

McDowall, Richard L. U.S. Navy WWII

Minnich, Floyd E. U.S. Army WWI

Morgan, Thomas U.S. Air Force Korea

Moyer, Andrew C. U.S. Army WWI

Murray, James A. U.S. Army WWI

Minnich, Jerome Unknown Branch Unknown

Macy, Merle Unknown Branch WWI

Marlatt, Fay F. U.S. Army WWII

McLaughlin, Robert M. U.S. Navy WWII

May, Merle U.S. Marine Corp WWII

Malm, Rudeen U.S. Navy WWII

Mercer, Thomas D. U.S. Marine Corp Korea

Mikesell, Eugene U.S. Air Force WWII

Macy, Wayne U.S. Army WWII

McCarver, Ralph E U.S. Army Vietnam

McCarver, Fern U.S. Army Unknown

Morris, Floyd U.S. Air Force Korea/Vietnam

Mikesell, Steven U.S. Air Force Vietnam

Nickel, Wesley T. U.S. Navy Spanish American War

Ornelas Joe Martin U.S. Army Korea

Olsen, Andy Lars U.S. Army WWI

Ornelas, Harry U.S. Air Force WWII

Ornelas, Rev. Angel Jr. U.S. Air Force Korea

O’Neil, Bruce U.S. Army Vietnam

Powers, James U.S. Army WWI

Pettegrew, William M. Unknown Branch Unknown

Parshall, Paul J. U.S. Army WWII

Phillips, Robert Donald U.S. Navy Vietnam

Petterson, Clifford D U.S. Army WWII

Poelma, James E. U.S. Army WWII

Poelma, Larry U.S Air Force Vietnam

Powell, Clyde M. Jr. U.S. Army WWII

Powers, Irven B. U.S. Army WWII

Pierce, Lanrend U.S. Air Force Korea

Richardson, G.H. Continental Army Civil War

Rairigh, William I. U.S. Army WWI

Reher, Leonard U.S. Marine Corp WWII

Rand, Wayne T. U.S. Army WWII

Reed, Warren Unknown Branch WWII

Reher, Leland U.S. Army Air Corp WWII

Reher, Virgil Vern U.S. Army Air Corp WWII

Reher, Leroy U.S. Army WWII

Robinson Jay Jr. U.S. Army WWII

Rohweder, Delbert U.S. Army WWII

Rohde, Lloyd U.S. Army WWII

Reed, Ralph E. U.S. Navy WWI

Ruemping, Robert U.S. Army WWII

Reed, Ralph U.S. Navy WWii

Reher, Harold E. U.S. Army Korea

Sayers, Warren A. U.S. Army WWI

Scheel, Bernhardt U.S. Army WWI

Schmidl, Jerry U.S. Army Vietnam

Shipp, Ralph Unknown Branch Unknown

Slingerland, Emerson U.S. Army WWI

Smith, Glenn W. U.S. Army WWI

Smith, Lon O. U.S. Army WWI

Smith, J.R. U.S. Army WWII

Speetzen, Henry J. U.S. Army Unknown

Seth, Carl E. U.S. Army Korea

Sayers, James U.S. Army Korea

Stokes, Raymond U.S. Navy Unknown

Sheller, Thomas Unknown WWI

Safranak, Stanley U.S. Army WWII

Schacher, Marvin U.S. Army Air Corp WWII

Schacher, William U.S. Navy WWII

Scheel, Dale E. U.S. Army Vietnam

Scheel, Lee L Unknown Branch Unknown

Stevens, Robert E. U.S. Navy WWII

Shandera, Richard U.S. Army WWII

Shared, Walter Unknown Branch Unknown

Shepherd,Earl U.S. Army WWII

Shepherd, Joseph P. U.S. Army WWII

Sisson, Charles Calvin U.S. Navy WWII

Smith, John U.S. Navy WWII

Smith, Robert W. Unknown Branch WWII

Souders, James U.S. Navy WWII

Souders, John U.S. Army WWII

Spier, Francis U.S. Navy WWII

Spier, Linus E. U.S. Army WWII

Steger, Elgun Dow U.S. Navy WWII

Strobe, Charles Unknown Branch WWII

Stephens, Richard U.S. Air Force Vietnam

Stimuli, David Lee U.S. Army Vietnam

Steger,Dan U.S. Air Force Vietnam

Seth, Carl Enoch U.S. Army Vietnam

Snyder, John U.S. Army WWI

Smith, Paul(Smitty) U.S. Army Vietnam

Schneider, Ferdinand U.S. Army Korea

Takbert, Claude F. U.S. Army WWII

Tipsword, Don U.S. Marine Corps WWII

Thompson, Russell G. U.S. Marine Corps Korea

Thompson, James K. U.S. Army Air Corp WWII

Tietmayer, Clarence U.S. Army Air Corp WWII

Vaughn, Unknown Branch Unknown

Walling, Archie L. U.S. Army Unknown

Ward, Edward T U.S. Army Unknown

Ward, Robert U.S. Army Korea

Ward Vrey S. U.S. Marine Corp WWI

Waterman, Melvin U.S. Navy Vietnam

Wilhelm,Marilynnn U.S. Navy WWII

Wisroth, Norman U.S. Army WWII

Wolfert, Edwards U.S. Army WWII

Wood, Robert Dale U.S. Army WWII

Wisroth, Fred Unknown Branch WWI

Wisroth, Carol U.S. Navy Vietnam

Wulf, George U.S. Army WWI

Wymer, Homer L. U.S. Army WWII


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