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Pine Bluffs man plans restoration of Archery course


Courtesy of Dave Crouse

Pictured left to right: Rod Cochran is watching as Dave Crouse shoots.

A Pine Bluffs man plans to restore an archery course outside of Pine Bluffs for use by the public by late July.

Dave Crouse won support for his plans from the Pine Bluffs Town Council during its meeting Monday night, when he announced he would replace target faces and hay bales used at the archery course in the bluffs south of town.

Crouse is a 4H archery instructor who said he noticed the targets were in poor condition while he was hiking in the area.

"It requires regular maintenance and I think most people go up there with the idea of fixing it once," he said.

Crouse said this year, he will put about 39 bales behind target faces on the course and replace the target faces themselves.

"The bales have been out there for years," he said. "A straw bale is good for two, maybe three years at most."

He added that with the coronavirus forcing the cancellation of 4H archery courses this year, he has the time for the work.

Courtesy of Dave Crouse

Above: Kennedy Sanchez, a 4H Archery Co. Shoot contestant listens while Taylor Crouse keeps scores as Dave Crouse points out items on the target..

The course has 12 targets, in addition to what he called a target at the course's entrance used by archers to warm up.

Crouse hopes to make maintenance and upgrades of the course a 4H project in the future.

Future upgrades might include the use of foam targets and the construction of small sheds over the targets and bales to protect them from the weather.

"That's a little bit ambitious this year, that's kind of a grander, long-range plan," he said. "In the meantime, I'll probably be replacing a few bales every year."

Crouse said he hopes to have this year's work completed by late July so people attending Trail Days can visit and try their hand at archery.

"We'll probably have some bows available," he said. "I'll be there with water and to give guidance on the course.

Moving forward, the course will be operated largely on a "self-serve" basis, he added.


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