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Beau Scarborough continues rodeo dream


Courtesy of Lisa Scarborough/Blue Mesa Photography

Above: Beau Scarborough rides a bronc hoping to make the time to place.

Beau Scarborough, a 2019 graduate of Pine Bluffs High School still chases his dream of being one of the best in bronc riding.

Scarborough will be starting his second year at Casper College in the fall. With this, comes riding for the college rodeo.

Due to the COVID-19, rodeos were cancelled for the college this spring. During this time, Scarborough continued to practice, train and go to Forbes School in Kaycee, Wyoming. After school, he started competing at the rodeos being held this summer.

He competed in one at Ten Sleep, and did not place. "I got bucked off because I was doing my procedures backwards. It taught me a good lesson as it rang my bell pretty good!" Scarborough stated.

On Wednesday, July 8th, Scarborough competed at Buffalo and placed 3rd. After Buffalo, he headed to Kaycee for the Friday night rodeo and walked away with a 4th place.

Scarborough started young for riding horses. "But riding horses is a bit different to say the least than rodeo!" he said. In his senior year of high school, he started riding and training for bronc riding.

"My dad was a bull rider from Colby, Kansas and I grew up hearing him talk. I wanted to do the same. I started out doing team roping until my senior year and that is when I changed to do bronc riding." he stated.

Scarborough explained the process of "hanging on" and what you have to do. "Reins, feet position, feeling and riding with the movement of the horse is so important. If you don't do it right and the correct position, you will get bucked off!! I know!!" said Scarborough.

Understanding the fear of the ride is another concern for order. "You have to put it out of your mind...just practice and get up there and take care of business." he said.

Scarborough was bucked off at the last rodeo for LCCC. I was hurt during practice, and didn't get to compete during the last rodeo. COVID hit and that ended the rest for the season.

Scarborough's mother, Lisa Scarborough is an avid photographer and takes pictures as she watches her son ride. "It is hard. I have learned to hold my tongue support him and let him chase his dream!" said his mother.

Scarborough's dream is to be No. 1 in the world and he is off to a great start.


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