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Trunk or Treat - A drive thru Halloween


November 5, 2020

Courtesy of Dawnna Merryfield and Karen Lipska

Although it wasn't your usual "Trunk or Treat", the drive through event, hosted by the Pine Bluffs Recreation center, turned out to be quite a success. There were many different activities going on through the parking lot. 

Parents circled the parking lot with children pouring out of windows while even some overflowing through the sunroofs.There were many costumes ranging from tormentingly terrifying to absolutely adorable there were also  some very amusing ones. They even had many different decorations and themes for each trunk.

Courtesy of Dawnna Merryfield and Karen Lipska

They had everything from dancing clown cops, all the way to witches with brooms "under a spell". There were spooky spiders on the backs of trucks and ghosts. All of the trunks were amazingly put together and filled with lots of decoration. Once the nights dark and cold air settled in the trunks really came to life. Lights showed bright from each groups work.  

There was also a vote for the best trunk decorations, and a raffle for the families that drove through. Each winner of the contests, "best dressed" and the raffle drawing, received a gift basket from the pine bluffs recreation center. The "best dressed trunk" was the Pine bluffs healthcare team. Each vehicle voted their over all favorite as they were leaving. Katie Keys and her family were randomly selected for the second basket.

"We had a great turn out, and as usual we have some amazing volunteers with great decorations! It is a great way for families to get out and do something together." Stated Sonya Fornstrom. 


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