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"Jake breaking" a noise concern


February 25, 2021

There was plenty for the Town of Pine Bluffs Council Members to discuss at the February 8th meeting. As many may know there were some technical difficulties so Facebook live was temporarily unavailable.

At this meeting the first reading for ordinance 2021-01 was heard. This ordinance would be to help with noise control. "It would prohibit the practice of "Jake breaking" within Town limits." Council member Mike Ragsdale mentioned his concern “Large trucks tend to make noise when accelerating as well as decelerating" the concern being, creating more conflict.

Mayor Alan Curtis stated " We are trying to maintain a peaceful community, for example the goal with the relocation of the railroad crossing is to not only have a safer crossing, but to have a silent crossing."

The council decided more talk on the subject could be held later, after attorney Alex Davison's concerns with wording had been addressed, but before the next reading.

Brian Lovett, Laramie County Commissioner was also present at this meeting. He announced that COVID-19 testing would no longer be available at the Archer complex due to the need for staff members to help with providing vaccinations.

For department reports there was much more conversation with little things causing hiccups throughout the community. One area of concern from council member Thomas Mohren was the cemetery kiosk. It was addressed that the kiosk has not been functioning properly. Treasurer Kim Patterson had mentioned the kiosk has been flaky since it was installed, which has been more than a decade already.

Luckily the money needed to fix the kiosk has already been added to this year's budget. The hunt for a more reliable system has begun, the intention is to replace the kiosk before Memorial Day.

Council member Donn Randall Expressed his concern in regards to the senior center. He had recently attended their board meeting and there was a lot of concern in regards to attendance. All the attendance numbers have to be reported to a federal level which in turn affects the funds used to feed the senior center members and the funding for all of their activities.

The next Town Hall meeting for Pine Bluffs will be on Monday March 8, 2021 at 7 p.m.


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