Aloha Characters in Paint


Karen Lipska/Pine Bluffs Post

Top: Painters show off their Aloha paintings.

Aloha Paint Night was held at Pine Bluffs Distilling on May 20th. Autumn Marshal held her last party. There were 37 people attending the party. Each person were welcome to do their own version of the pineapple or follow Marshal on painting. At the start of the party it rained a lot, which brought the rainbow out to bring tears of joy to her. Lots of old faces and some new faces too.

Marshal started with an oval on one side of the canvas. Next having people put squares of yellow in the middle. Marshal then, had them put burnt orange on top. With a grid through the pineapple to define the square area. When the middle was done, on the top put the leaves of the pineapple. Then is to finish the back ground with ocean blue.

Marshal's students say they're going to miss their friend. People believe she helped the team building skills. Her class helps couples enjoy time out. Marshal's paint party brought outlet to mothers and friends to have time with each other.

The theme of the Aloha was a farewell for Marshall. She loves the adventure here in Pine Bluffs. The people here were a great support to her and she would like to thank everyone who participated in her class. Marshal is moving to South Carolina for family since her husband is retiring from the Air Force.

Karen Lipska/Pine Bluffs Post

Above: Bert Macy, Conner Nichlas, Kiel harding, dean Bowman, John Goncalves, and Chad Brown display their "personalized" Aloha.


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