Bicycle Rodeo held by Pine Bluffs Police Dept.


Karen Lipska/Pine Bluffs Post

Above left: Sonja Fornstrom gives instructions to some of the participants - left - Ember Zerck, Kelbie Walls, and Kaden Eggli.

 Get along kids of all ages. On June 3rd at the Community Center in Pine Bluffs a Bicycle Rodeo was held by the Pine Bluffs Police Department and Pine Bluffs Recreation.

Eleven kids of different ages showed up to learn about their bicycle and how to ride them correctly.

Officer Rodney Kemp and Chief Chance Walkama made sure all the kids had their helmets on correctly, the right direction and tight so that the helmets would not fall off the child's head. Safety is the most important thing to riding a bicycle.

 Officer Rodney Kemp handed out a flier for the kids to be explained at the beginning of the course. How to stop correctly, knowing the hand signs, and riding the right way in traffic and what to wear.

 The Officer then went through the course for the kids to show them how it works. Sonja Fornstrom and Heather Eggli of the recreation department helped the kids take turns through the course. The kids worked on stops with both feet on the ground, doing figure eights, and weaving through the cones. 

 Once through the course, Officer Rodney Kemp had the kids practice their hand signals. For stop you put your hand down, slow down, same position as stop but wave it side to side, right turn, you put you right arm straight out, and left turn is the opposite of right, you put left arm straight out.

Then the kids raced through the course to see who had the fastest time. Kids included Heather Eggli and Officer Rodney Kemp. To be honest with facts everyone won. 

At the end of the rodeo, Heather Eggli passed out certificates and goodies to each kid, along with a drawing for helmets. Each kid got a helmet with bright colors to bicycle around town with.

Karen Lipska/Pine Bluffs Post

Above right: Heather Eggli shows her son, Kaden Eggli how to navigate through the cones.


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