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Albin Museum obtains Berryman memorabilia


Karen Lipska/Pine Bluffs Post

Above: Berryman's jersey, bat and team picture from American Legion Baseball is donated to the Albin Museum. Berryman was a graduate of Albin High School.

Albin Museum is small but mighty with memories.

The building is a small log house. It was old building the Boys Scout's met at once upon a time. When time moved on so did the Boy's Scout club. The building was donated and became a museum for Albin. The location has moved through the years but as for now the museum is behind the Memorial Park on Main Street.

When you first walk in to the right is an old dial telephone and an old phonograph player. In the corner a cabinet has books and different old containers. On the wall in jackets, pictures, and articles. Moving to the left, a china hutch with salt and pepper shakers along with different trinkets. Forward to the corner is a water pitcher and basin on top of an old sewing machine. Along with an old wood burning cooking stove are different utensils and pans to cook with back in time. To the left is an old refrigerator with containers used in it. Next to it were an old ringer washer and scrub board with an old high chair in front. In the next corner are items from school; old year books, a letterman jacket, small old school desks, an old typewriter machine and a small version of the old Boy Scouts. In the last corner are two glass displays; one has a collection of clear glass items from the 1950's and 1960's, and the other display has advertising items from past businesses. On the wall is a big banner of a 1928 advertisement.

The newest item to the Albin Museum is a shadow box. It has a baseball jersey with a small article, team picture, and baseball bat. These items belonged to Dick Berryman. Berryman was very active in sports. Through the years he was in basketball and baseball, but his pride and joy was playing on the Boyce-Marlett American Legion baseball team out of Albin in the 1960's. Berryman graduated in 1968 from Albin High School. Dick Berryman and family donated the shadowbox this year to the museum.

There are lots of items in the museum that were not mentioned. The museum was open on Albin Day. Or contact Town Hall for an appointment.


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