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Music of Our History Part 1


My granddaughter has started exploring music in recent weeks. That she enjoys it is obvious, she asks for “music” every time she sees me and is not above taking over my phone to look for songs to play. Not even two years old yet and she has already found music that she loves, some that she’s okay with, and some that she’ll turn off. She can’t stand the Beach Boys and will change the music to something else if I let her have the phone. On the other hand she dances to “Wendy” by Bread (early 1970’s for you youngsters). She thinks classical music is terrific. But her absolute first choice…the one that makes her laugh and smile…Celtic Women. She can even find their music on the phone and play it herself. Watch for text messages from her, though. She has been known to send song recommendations to people at random…on my phone.

Needless to say I listen to a lot of Celtic Women. Recently I added a number of Celtic folksongs to my playlist because, frankly, I like Celtic music, too. I listened to it so often that I found myself singing along to some of the songs. That’s when the lyrics hit me. Now you have to understand that the singers from Celtic Women and Celtic Thunder are from Ireland and they’re not American citizens, but that’s not necessarily what the tone of many of their songs would lead me to believe if I didn’t know better. They are passionate Irish patriots, but many of their songs speak of an extremely strong love for the United States, from an Irish viewpoint.

A Long Journey Home, by Celtic Women, is a good example of the love the Irish have for the United States. You can hear the sadness in the singer’s voice as she laments having to leave Ireland. At the same time she sings of hope to be found in America. A hope of a better life than she’s leaving behind. The song speaks to assimilating into the American culture and finding a new life, one of hard work, of pain, of joys, of death, of life and a blending of the two cultures, “For the colors bled as they overflowed, red, white and blue, green white and gold”. The singer remembers her heritage in Ireland while acknowledging her new home and allegiance to America. The song recognizes that a person can have both.

O’ America (Celtic Women) speaks to the calling felt by so many Irish as they were pulled to America by their hearts. It talks of their love for our country as it describes its beauty and its sadness. The song underlines the love for America and the singer’s commitment to helping the country through the hard times, the patriotism felt by the Irish for America and their pledge to stand by the country forever…as one.

Celtic Thunder’s song, When New York was Irish, tells of the Irish immigration to New York and the love they held for “Amerikay”. There are many other Irish groups that have similar songs. These are only examples of songs that sing of the praises of America by citizens of other countries. There are far too many examples than I have room for. Believe it or not there is a point to this rambling. People from other countries recognize the United States for our history and our accomplishments. They know what the country stands for and they understand “American exceptionalism”. They may not be citizens but they understand and they love this nation anyway. Why can’t our own citizens feel that way?

Fox News did “man on the street” interviews recently in New York asking young people if they were proud of their country. All of them said, “No”. There were a couple that expanded their answers, but what they said made absolutely no sense. I mean how they put their sentences together, the phrasing they used, they just rambled incoherently. Those I saw appeared to be college age or maybe high school. The questions that immediately jumped to mind concerned the quality of their education. They should get a refund. They obviously didn’t learn anything in school.

Or did they learn exactly what their teachers wanted them to learn? Previously we discussed how the Socialists have infiltrated our public school system and are undermining the country through our children. If you don’t believe it, look at the lack of knowledge displayed by our youth. I freely admit that I’m not as familiar with exactly what’s being taught here in Laramie County or statewide anymore. That will be the topic of a future article. But as an employer I’ve hired several products of our local school system as recently as two years ago and, frankly, I wasn’t impressed.

School and teachers, especially in Democrat-run school systems, are teaching children everything except the truth about the United States. Take Critical Race Theory for example. CRT is a Marxist ideology designed to divide nations in order to facilitate a Socialist takeover. It’s a tactic. Then look at the revisionist history being taught. Not what actually happened, but what the Democrats want people to believe happened. One of the more glaring examples is the 1619 project. The proponents of this project are trying to change our nation’s founding to the date the first black slave was brought in to the country. The say that it shows the country was founded on slavery. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We are in danger of losing our country because we haven’t taken a stand for truth. Fortunately, we’re seeing a change in attitude. People are starting to realize what’s happening and they don’t like it. That’s about the only positive that’s come out of this renewed effort by the Democrats. We are slowly taking our country back. Stand up and fight for America. And by the way, Amy doesn’t like any modern music.


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