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Albin talks equipment sales, new Christmas decorations and more

Mayor Krakow called the meeting to order on November 11 at 7:00 p.m.

Council member Jeremiah Johnson made a motion to approved the previous minutes. Council member Kelley Kriz seconded. All approved.

There was a few bids for the equipment the town of Albin was selling. They are: $155 for the pig hut, $1.45 for a T-post, $10 for the hog panel, $25 for waterer, and $1.50 for a T post.

The council decided on and approved all bids of the night except $1.45 for the T-post.

“The lunch program is a little low on funding but will be better next month ,” said Jillian Kriz.

Council member Johnson has a...


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