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Burns Broncs earn awards in football

Coach Brad Morrison was excited to get the results of the year. He wants to have a meeting before of the end of the year. The results were fresh and well deserved. To work four years and letter was great along with rare.

Varsity letter winners are Freshman-Mason Medley; Sophomores-De'Drick Nichols, and Tagr Holmes; Juniors-Brandon Winslow, Baylen Smith, Jose Flores, Jaspur Nusbaum, Jared Allen, Cody Hape, Riley Mclaughlin, Carter David, and Cooper Lakin; Seniors- Caden David, Jackson Kirkbride, Conor Manlove, Ryan Fogg, Cody Winslow, and Joel Morales; managers Azael Flores, and Mikayla Phelps....


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