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Town Council meeting short and sweet


January 13, 2022

On Monday January 10, 2022 at 7 p.m. there was a short and to the point meeting for the Pine Bluffs Town Council.

For new business there were two items. First was the resolution 2022-01: a resolution providing for the appointment of a representative to the Wyoming Municipal Power Agency board of directors. This is having someone from the Pine Bluffs council being on the board of directors. Pine Bluffs Mayor Justin Fornstrom said, "I will do it.” The motion was made by council member Alli Leitza to have Mayor Fornstrom to be on the board of directors as a representative to the Wyoming Municipal Power Agency. The council approved.

The second item was resolution 2022-02: a resolution authorizing submission of a federal mineral royalty capital construction account grant application to the state loan and Investment board on the behalf of the governing body of the town of Pine Bluffs. Kim Patterson explained, "We are applying for an American emergency mineral royalty grant to help offset the costs of the repairs to well number seven. The town had Sergeant drilling company investigate the well failure. It is the one that had sand coming up through the well. The Sergeant drilling company found that the waters column was corroded and essentially the water blows a hole into the column pipe.” The town needs to refurbish the discharge head, replace the pump full assembly and replace about eighty feet of eight-inch water column pipe. Kim Paterson said, "Anticipate a project cost over $35,000. The town has requested a 75 percent from the grant with a 25 percent match by the town to help the offset.” This well provides 20 percent of the town water. Because the of the other two wells, number five and nine that had repair issues the funds are not up to helping. The motion was made and approved by the board.

Next was visitor presentations. Boyd Wrede introduced himself. He is running for Laramie Country Sheriff. Wrede explained his background and history of his life. He stated his plan for Laramie county. Wrede would like to work with Pine Bluffs in a more human element. Mayor Fornstrom asked about the mutual agreements. Council member Tom Mohren stated how it was when he was a policeman. Wrede finished then thanked everyone in the room.

The next meeting is January 24 at 4 p.m.


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