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Jr. High Lady Broncs finish in fifth place at SEWAC

The Burns Broncs Junior High basketball program competed in the Southeastern Wyoming Athletic Conference (SEWAC) championship tournament this week. The Lady Broncs are seated sixth in the Conference. The junior high program has been in progress for a while now and is starting to wind down. This week was the girl's championship held in the Pine Bluffs High School gym. The Lady Broncs did well winning one game but losing another. It was a good time and a fantastic opportunity to watch some of these up-and-coming athletes show their talents.

The first game for the Lady Broncs was against the Lingle/Ft Laramie Doggers. The Doggers were a tough team and the Broncs had a bit of trouble handling them. They did stay close with the talents of #35 Myla Medley who was running around the Doggers defense and hitting baskets. Justice Eklund was also tough driving through the Doggers defense and drawing fouls and hitting free throws. The Broncs stayed close and at the end of the first quarter it was 4-6. The Broncs were able to keep the Doggers in their sights through the second quarter but the Doggers were able to find some cracks in the Broncs defense. Javaya Harms and Lena Herrington were tight on defense and pushed the Doggers out of key. Myla Medley was there under the net blocking and keeping her opponents from getting rebounds. However the Doggers did manage to outscore the Broncs 11-14 at the half.

The third quarter started and the Broncs were going strong. They did manage to hit some shots but the ball just was not finding the net like the Broncs wanted. Mikaela England #42 made a nice shot from the right side of the court. Evelyn Linares drove hard to the bucket and drew the foul. It was hard playing but the Doggers outscored the Broncs 13-25 at the end of the third quarter. The fourth quarter started off better for the Broncs as Myla Medley hit a nice jumper from the right side and drew the foul. Myla Medley hit a three-pointer. With 2:30 seconds left in the game Alexis Snyder shot and fouled. She was able to drop the first free throw but missed the second. Alexis Snyder got a steal from the Doggers and got fouled on the run. The Doggers were still able to find the small holes in the Broncs defense and were able to out-score them. In the end the Doggers beat the Broncs 22-34.

The second game for the Lady Broncs would be against the Glenrock Herders. The Broncs were still reeling from the loss to the Doggers and wanted some revenge. However Glenrock was also coming off a loss and did not want to repeat that event. Both teams were playing like their lives depended on it and the defense was tight on both teams. The Lady Broncs were still having trouble finding the net but did manage to put up two points and held the Herders to only six. The second quarter was better for the Broncs as Myla Medley hit a three-pointer. Justice Eklund hit a jumper from the left side while Medley was strong bringing down rebounds. Alexis Snyder drove hard for net but was fouled. She sunk one of the shots. Medley hit another three-pointer. With :41 seconds left in the game Medley hit another three and tied the game at 16. The half ended with a tie 16-16.

For most o f the third quarter it was an up and down game. Both teams playing hard and pushing each other. Snyder hit a jumper for two. One of the Broncs was able to get under the net and put up some nice shots. Medley was able to take a nice inbound pass and put it up for two and then ran down the court and grabbed a defensive rebound. Mikeala England was under the net and grabbed a nice rebound and put it back up for two. The third quarter ended in a close score with the Broncs leading 24-22. The fourth quarter was close to the same as the third. Scoring is tight and up-and-down. With the Broncs leading, the Herders then jumping ahead then the Broncs coming back. It was a good battle. Kodie James hit a nice jumper from the top of the key. England drove hard for the net but was fouled. She then was able to bring down an offensive rebound and went back up for two. The Broncs were able to hold on and win the game. The Broncs won 28-27.

Coaches Britt Bath and Amber Barrett have the girls playing very well. Their coaching abilities are coming out in the girl's performance. Good luck in the future.


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