Peppers - Hot & Spicy or Cool & Sweet


January 19, 2023

Photos: UL: Jimmy Nardello Sweet Pepper, Courtesy Burpee Seeds. UR: Habanero Habanada Sweet Pepper, Courtesy Burpee Seeds.  LL: Greek Pepperoncini Hot Pepper, Courtesy Burpee Seeds.  LR: Carolina Reaper HOT Pepper, Courtesy Baker Creek Seeds

If you research the history of peppers, you'll find most of the articles are on chili peppers. But there are hundreds of varieties in three basic types of pepper: black pepper, sweet peppers, and hot peppers. Whether you like spicy foods or cool, refreshing flavors there's a pepper just for you. Black pepper originates from India while the other types originated from the Americas. Black pepper is considered a spice while sweet and hot peppers are fruits.

Black pepper, or Piper nigrum, is a really famous spice, responsible for the rise and fall of kingdoms. It was one of the reasons Christo...

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