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2023 points Tracking Grover Day Tractor Pull

GT12 Sterling Webb (Y) Lil Man 100.18 1st Place

Amy Webb (Y) Lil Man 97.64 2nd Place

Beau Lightle (Y) Cookie Monster 95.13 3rd Place

Tina Strelow Blondie

153.30 1st Place

Dug Graham Scrappy

150.43 2nd Place

Rebecca Brewster High Maintenance 136.17

3rd Place

UL950 Jackson Webb Red raider 181.16 1st

Bryan Clermont I Got The Blues 173.17 2nd Place

Bryan Clermont Ol Yeller

103.90 3rd Place

SA-950 MT950 (S)

Rebecca Brewster Spud Express 106.52 1st Place

Gerg Geire Nightmare

62.05 2nd Place

MT950 (M) Mac Ellis

Poor Boy's Pride 210.67

1st Place

Bryan Clermont Flood Debris 205.23 2nd Place

Dwayne Fiel...


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