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  • Farm, Ranch, Business

    Ron Rabou for the Pine Bluffs Post|Jun 27, 2024

    It's hard to leave the farm. Especially in the summer. It seems like there is always work to do, no matter how much progress we've made. I decided long ago that if I let our farm dictate our personal life, we'd never leave. Over the years, we've made a very conscious effort to take short trips away from the hustle and bustle of our operation, to enjoy our boys and our time together as family in a different environment, all while hopefully exposing our boys to a world outside of where we live. My...

  • Farm, Ranch, Business

    Ron Rabou for the Pine Bluffs Post|May 23, 2024

    I love Spring. Call me crazy, but cool, foggy, drizzly days are some of my favorites. I love stepping outside after a spring rain and smelling the air. It smells perfect. The sweetness from the blossoms on the apple trees and the aroma from the fresh flowers. The fresh, wholesome smell of newly plowed soil. The clean scent of newly mowed grass and the feel of the moist, dense air. As I look around my farm, I see so many wonderful sights. I see a robin sitting on her three perfectly shaped blue...

  • A Farmer's Perspective

    Ron Rabou for the Pine Bluffs Post|Apr 25, 2024

    "This is freaking me out, Ron!", exclaimed Cristy. In retrospect, driving blindly in the night as we inched along some random road in a classic Western Wyoming blizzard was probably not the wisest choice we had ever made, especially at the age of 18 with no way to contact anyone if we had trouble. But then again, it was part of the adventure and we just needed to persevere a little bit longer. My fellow state FFA officer, Cristy Dicklich, and I were traveling around the state presenting...

  • A Farmer's Perspective

    Ron Rabou for the Pine Bluffs Post|Mar 21, 2024

    I hate the wind. In over 50 years as a Wyoming resident, I have always detested it. As a farmer, it is heartbreaking to observe the life-giving soil moisture disappear as the wind wreaks havoc on the fields we will be planting soon. Each morning, I listen to my friend, Don Day, hoping that he will offer me a reprieve from the elements and reassure me that rain is on its way. There is no doubt that living in Wyoming has plenty advantages. Unfortunately, the weather isn't always among them. I...

  • National Agriculture Week

    Ron Rabou for the Pine Bluffs Post|Mar 23, 2023

    We've all heard the saying that, "A country that cannot feed itself, cannot secure itself." But what does that actually mean? In short, it means the more we depend on other countries to produce the things we can produce in this country, the more vulnerable we become to relying on other countries to provide us with what might arguably be the most important thing any of us do on a daily basis: eat. If we don't have a reliable, plentiful, and safe food supply, we are ALL in trouble. It's easy to...

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