By Charlene Smith
Pine Bluffs Post staff 

W-E-N-T-L-E-T-R-A-P; all letters lead to state spelling bee


Charlene Smith

Burns eighth grader Katie Norris, daughter of Titus and Charlotte Norris, is stepping up when it comes to spelling words. She tied for first place at the regional spelling bee competition.

“I put the ‘e’ before the ‘l’ when I spelled wentletrap, but I know how to spell it now,” smiled Norris. “The only other word I got wrong was ‘irizar’ which I’m still not sure of.”

Norris found her niche in spelling bees. She “loves to read” and after reading so many words, it became easy to spell them. “Read lots and always do your best,” advises Norris.

Norris had to take a written exam on 75 words to start the regional challenge. She was one of the 12 that advanced to the finals. The oral rounds began and after three words, two more students were eliminated. Two more oral challenges eliminated more students and left two in a tie for third and fourth and Norris tied for first.

Burns administration refers to Norris as a “very humble and kind young lady.” Burns principal Jerry Becking named Norris student of the week prior to the spelling bee success. “She is a great student and a bright light for our hallways,” said Becking.

Norris is very active in basketball, playing at the junior high level and managing for the high school team. “I want to be a Social Studies teacher and a basketball coach,” explained Norris. “I like social studies because it’s more free writing than in English and has more than one right answer unlike Math. I like having more than one correct answer.”

Norris will compete in the state spelling bee competition March 8 and 9. “That is the same day as district music festival, so I will have to perform for those judges some other time,” Norris said. She plans to perform a duet with her younger brother and sing a solo.

After a brief start in school competitions, Norris should be able to spell one word well, A-M-B-I-T-I-O-U-S.


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