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By Charlene Smith
Pine Bluffs Post staff 

Council approves resolution for new clinic building


In an unusually brief meeting for the Pine Bluffs town council Monday evening, the members approved a resolution for the demolition of the existing Tri-County Medical Clinic and reconstruction of a new clinic building at the same location.

Moving forward, the council will support an application to the Wyoming Business Council for a business ready community grant sponsored by Laramie County for the building. Cheyenne LEADS and High Plains Economic Development District are making the application for the grant.

The council moved on to discuss the City Park project. There is an issue with the wires for the cable company being moved for the project work. After the contractor for the town had offered many different solutions, the cable company is not willing to accept any of the plans. The cable company has an existing franchise agreement with the town. Attorney Alex Davison asked town administrator Caryn Miller to review the franchise agreement with him again.

“I don’t think it says in there that we have to supply poles for their wires,” said Davison. “We don’t have to do their work for them. The easiest fix is to take down the poles.”

The council accepted a resolution for consensus funds of $26,000 and SLIB funds of $26,000 to cover the cost of the new police car. “We got a really good deal on the car and it won’t be that much,” explained Miller. “The consensus money can stay in our accounts but any SLIB money not used will need to go back.”

The council talked about the Crown Victoria hail damaged police car. Miller had a resolution in front of the council to declare it as surplus so she could start the bid process. “I think that car has a police interceptor engine in it,” council member Tom Mohren said. “That has to be worth at least $5,000. I would hate to have a bid come in for $26 and have to take it.”

Miller said she didn’t think she could put a minimum bid on the request for bids. Davison said she could and the council suggested Miller look at the Kelly Blue Book price for the resale of the car and use that to decide on a minimum bid.

The council approved a catering and malt beverage permit for the Pheasants Forever banquet April 13. In other business, the council approved numerous invoices including the hanger building for the airport project.

“Are we giving the contractors the two extra weeks they wanted,” Mohren asked. Miller said they would have to come back to the council and request it again, but explained the state and the FAA didn’t want to give the contractor any more time on the airport project.

Mohren asked about the different concrete specifications and if the contractor was going to be paid for that. “My understanding is the FAA and the state don’t want to pay them,” council member Mike Ragsdale said. “They (state and FAA) let them by with one mistake, they are not going to give them two. It’s the contractors problem.”

The next meeting will be held Monday, March 18 at 7 p.m.


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