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By Charlene Smith
Pine Bluffs Post staff 

Commissioners check on payroll status


Charlene Smith

Presented with a lengthy agenda and an absent chairman, the Laramie County Commissioners found their way through their rescheduled meeting last Tuesday before adjourning to some employees from the sheriff’s department who were asking for answers.

The operations department at the sheriff’s office apologized for not knowing the proper protocol for bringing business before the commissioners. Vice chairman Buck Holmes asked clerk Debbye Lathrop if they needed to reopen the meeting. Lathrop explained they were not able to vote on anything since it wasn’t on the agenda so there was no need to reopen the proceedings.

The department brought their concerns about the payroll changes scheduled to take place July 1. As it stands now, the new system which covers not only the payroll for all county employees, but also the audit system and bookkeeping, will replace the monthly paychecks with bi-weekly paychecks or checks received every other week.

After listening to their concerns, Holmes said he would be willing to sit down with any number of sheriff department staff and go over the changes. After much discussion, the employees agreed to meet with the commissioners the following day along with Lathrop and work through any concerns.

During the meeting the commissioners appointed Tracy Zubrod as Magistrate of the Circuit Court of the first judicial district of Laramie County. Linda Steiner was appointed Magistrate of the Circuit Court of the first Judicial District of Laramie County. The commissioners also appointed Brian Quinn as an assistant public defender for Laramie County.

Mike Sorenson with the sheriff’s department was appointed by the commissioners to fill the vacant spot from Bill Long’s retirement on the Laramie County Adult Community Corrections Board. In their final appointment for the day, the commissioners placed Mike “Bubba” Ragsdale, of Pine Bluffs, on the Eastern Laramie County Solid Waste Disposal District board through March 31, 2016.

The commissioners decided to postpone awarding a contract for fire extinguisher maintenance for the adult detention center. Commissioner M. Lee Hausenauer said he would like to see another bid.

The commissioners also postponed the review of the 2012 fiscal year audit report.

Sorenson presented the commissioners with an agreement to update the video surveillance system with 24 new cameras and upgrading the entire system.

“The videos will be better quality and the upgrade is funded with SLIB money,” Sorenson said.

Firework sales will again be available at the Wyoming Fireworks Warehouse and Phantom as the commissioners approved two seasonal fireworks permits.

Under an agenda item added late, the commissioners agreed to join a joint powers board at no cost to the county in order to obtain a natural gas fleet card to purchase fuel for the new natural gas vehicles.

“This is just the first step to obtain the card in order to get fuel at Cheyenne Light Fuel and Power,” explained Don Beard. “The county is leery of credit cards and this is the only other way.”

The next meeting will be held Tuesday, May 7, at 3:30 p.m.


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