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When Democrats say you must vote for or against some idea of theirs or “the children will starve,” much like they did this past week regarding cuts to the food stamp bill, Democrats are using their time tested and very clever abuse of Western ethics… a strategy of Moral Extortion.

Liberals want conscientious voters to think, “Well I must go along with Democrat/Liberal logic… I certainly couldn’t live with myself if I allow children to starve.” To even suggest that conservatives would harbor such intent is morally and intellectually repugnant to the civilized mind!

I know of no act by any conservative which has executed such philosophy as the starving of children. However, I have recently witnessed an authoritative representative of the Liberal/Democrats blatantly support the death of a child; A child whose life was offered a path to rescue.

I am referring to Sarah Murnaghan, the dying 10-year-old Pennsylvania girl who was awaiting a lung transplant for cystic fibrosis. Because of bureaucratic red tape the transplant was denied so the family turned to the Dept of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius with a plea for override assistance - which she denied, sealing a sentence of death for the child. Only through court action was this young life saved from assured death by Judge Baylson’s order to the HHS and Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to direct the group managing the organ transplant list to cease this shocking injustice.

Sarah got her transplant and is doing well. Her parents now see the bright glow of a promising future rather than the darkness that comes with the loss of a child.

This single experience exposes the genuine translation of Liberal/Democrat compassion! If Obamacare is allowed to proceed, with all of its bureaucratic gatekeepers, the next child on the HHS chopping block could be yours… can you live with that?

Doug Watford

Cheyenne, WY



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