Student of the Week: Duggan Kriz


Duggan Kriz, a kindergartener at Albin Elementary School knows what he wants to do, and he is not afraid of the work that it will take to get there.

"I want to be a police man and carry a gun and one of those things that shocks people," Duggan said with an honest smile. "I think it would be cool to help people who are being hurt by bad guys."

Duggan, son of Kelley and Jillian Kriz of Albin, already helps people, especially his classmates. Kindergarten teacher Nikki Poelma said Duggan is "kind to his classmates and is always on task when it came to work."

Albin Principal Leann Smith echoed Poelma's remarks saying she is very proud of Duggan's accomplishments this year as a kindergartener.

"He participates more in class and has a strong work ethic," Smith said. "Duggan enjoys school very much and it shows. You can tell he is a very involved and a critical thinking student."

Duggan's favorite season is winter, which causes friction with his mother when she is trying to keep him inside or at least dressed warm on the coldest of days when he wants to be out.

Duggan is looking forward to Christmas and would really like a Lego set and a tank for Christmas. Just by looking at his school work, Santa Claus probably has Duggan on the "nice" list. Duggan is on our nice list for his hard work and that is what makes Duggan our Student of the Week.


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