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I've joined the "social media" and now have a Facebook page. After some encouragement from members of a younger generation who find social networking to be an integral part of their lives, I have taken my first step into this rather fascinating means of communication. I do see where this type of interaction may prove to be a very good means of communicating with producers and educators on the benefits of no till crop production. I'm also a little nervous about having a page that is open to anyone who has access to a smart phone or computer.

Anyhow, after some thought and instructions on how to run a Facebook page, I do see some outstanding potential with this type of media access. As the administrator of this page I will post pictures and comments throughout the growing season as our no till crops develop. I also want to encourage other interested parties to post their comments and pictures to share with everyone on this page as well.

I will have this page open to everyone who is interested in no till crop production. All postings will be open to the public. I really am hoping that this will become an excellent resource for education and discussion on any topics involving no till crop production.

I will also post field days and meetings on this page so anyone who would like to attend no till meetings will have access to the times and places where these informative meetings will take place. Likewise, if you have a meeting or field day that you would like to advertise that pertains to no till crop production, please feel free to post it on the page. I will also post my articles on this page.

To find this page on Facebook, go to Panhandle No Till Education. I will accept all "friends" who apply to join. I think you can also find this page under Mark Watson, Alliance, Ne.

I will do my best to keep this page current. There are some postings on the page now, and I will add more as this growing season progresses.

I hope everyone will join this page and it will develop into a very useful chat room for producers, land owners, and educators. I think if we can all exchange ideas and concepts on what is working and what isn't working on our farms and ranches it will be very beneficial to all involved. I'll look forward to accepting all the "friends" who want to participate in this educational tool. I'll look forward to viewing your next posting. It will be great to have so many good "friends" on Facebook.


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