Pine Bluffs Leaning Rock Golf Course in need of TLC


A local man had noticed the Pine Bluffs Leaning Rock Golf Course hadn’t received much tender loving care and had a few recommendations to share at the Pine Bluffs Town Council meeting July 21.

Dennis Talich helped create the golf course along with his neighbor, Robin Wilhelm. It took 13 years to complete the golf course.

During the town meeting, Talich said it takes him two weeks to get the golf course ready for the Knights of Columbus Tournament. Talich said mowing the grass isn’t the only thing the golf course needs. There’s holes to fix, pins to paint and much more, he said.

“I would like to come up with a solution to make this thing work,” Talich said. “It’s not working right now.”

Talich idea is to hire someone for three or four months who can maintain the golf course and prepare the golf course for tournaments. Talich said the employee should have some knowledge of maintaining a golf course and equipment, including a four way golf course mower. Talich recommended getting a rotary five tank mower that mows 11 feet. The person should know how to care for the mower and be the only one running it.

Councilman Mark Fornstrom said he knows a few individuals who would be interested in taking care of the golf course. However, maintenance during off season wouldn’t make up many working hours. Fornstrom also said a fine cut mower is being worked on and a new motor is being put into it.

“I hope things change direction. It’s a beautiful place,” Talich said.


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